2013 in pictures

Here's my 2013 in pictures, all from Instagram. You can follow me at @rutamozuraityte .
This picture of me is taken at Annelie's party, great photographer!
In May it was finally time for the One Direction concert in Stockholm...
... and for Queen B to take the stage.
The whole family went to watch quite some hockey games. Here with my sister...
... and my dad.
Went to a little trip with church to Falun, where we visited some tourist attractions. Here in a copper mine.
Of course there were quite some parties. Left to right: Patricia, Jennifer and I.
Summer started with a job at a kindergarten (tired face above).
I also got bangs, after the summer job ended. Here I am with Anna, my bestie.
Then it was off to Lithuania and Bulgaria, and with that new adventures!
We visited beautiful places...
... and had amazing experiences.
Tired girl on the beach. It was also around that time I decided to grow out my bangs.
After that it was back to Sweden again!
It was time for the Europian Basketball Championship, where I of course cheered for Lithuania.
School was back, and with that the soccer season!
1st of October it was my birthday, I got these beautiful flowers.
Not long after that it was the Cinnamon Bun Day, celebrated by baking a LOT of cinnamon buns. This was the entire family's both dinner and breakfast!
Thanksgiving became a new tradition in our family.
Merry Christmas!
This year has been very interesting, with many lauhgs, new experiences, tears and happiness. I hope that next year will give at least as much as this one, and be even bigger and better.
2014, here we come!


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