6 gorgeous looks for New Year's Eve

This last minute make-up post is for all you who haven't really fully decided what to go for tonight. These 6 looks are inspired by 6 all time fashionistas, so I bet they know what they're doing.
Get your brushes out, make-up geeks!
Straightened hair, smokey eyes and natural glossy lips. Mila Kunis signature look is a perfect choice for New Year's!
Dark shades on the lips has never been hotter! Take Selena's example and go for a lipstick in dark purple or burgundy. Keep the eye make-up simple, with big lashes and a tiny bit of eyeliner. The hair can be in whatever do you'd like, here in a beautiful messy braid.
Taylor Swift's retro glamour hairstyle works perfectly with the light eye make-up in gold and a bright red lipstick. Perfection!
Get inspired by Amanda Seyfried's "Cat-eye" look. Let the eyeliner define your eyes! If you're a bit on the safer side when it comes to make-up (like me), you can still achieve the same effect, just go a bit easier with the intensity of the colors. This look is dramatic and festive, perfect if you want to put focus on your eyes!
Lea Michele looks gorgeous in dark smokey-eye make-up with metallic hues, wavy hair and bangs. Finish of the look with a nude colored or light pink lipstick. This is the best choice if you're dress is something that you want to be the center of attention, while still looking great.
Katy Perry looks astonishing in this party make-up! A sparkly version of a smokey-eye, with glitter eye-shadow and just a tint of black on the outer parts of the eye. Together with a darker pink/coral lipstick with a bit of gloss, you won't go by unnoticed!

Postat av: Linnéa Alpsten

I reeeally like the two last ones, so beautiful! :)

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