At the movies

Hi guys! I'm once again back at my aunt's, a lot of travelling back and forth going on here.
Today, before getting to my aunt's, Milda, my aunt and I met with her cousin and my second cousin, Vida and Goda. My second cousin is 10 years old and she's incredibly cute! We went to the cinema to watch "Free Birds". It was such a funny and cute movie, I really liked it. After the movie we went to eat at this place called Delano, where they serve different traditional Lithuanian dishes, Basically, the movie was about how two turkeys went back in time to erase the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Check out the trailer below!
Then we went to my aunt's place and here I am, just about to go to sleep. I will tell you more about yesterday tomorrow.
Sleep tight!
Milda, Goda and I


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