Dresses for the holidays

Both Christmas and New Year's eve are coming up and everyone's looking for the right dress. There are literally thousands of dresses on the market, so how are you supposed to find the right one for your occassion? Therefore I've made a little list of a dress for every occassion you might have ahead of you, with dresses from Nelly.com.They're all beautiful and budget friendly dresses, perfect for those whoms economy might not be on top after all Christmas shopping!
Clink on the link above for special offers only available for my readers or click the links below to come directly to each dress.
Look your best this season!
College by me
Black Tie: Ax Paris One Shoulder Split Maxi Dress Nelly.com 399 SEK
New Year: Oneness Sofie Dress Nelly.com 299 SEK
Christmas: Dark Pink Fancy Lace Dress Nelly.com 399 SEK
Cocktail Party: Felise Bandeau Frills Dress Elise Ryan Nelly.com 499 SEK
Romantic Dinner: Wp Ella S/L Dress Vero Moda Nelly.com 359 SEK
Office Party: Arizona Dress NLY Trend Nelly.com 399 SEK

Postat av: Gabriella

Åh den glittriga klänningen är så fin ! :)

2013-12-18 @ 18:44:40 // URL: http://www.fames.se/gabriellas
Postat av: Milda

Asome smak som always siss!! <3

2013-12-19 @ 18:51:04 // URL: http://mildamoz.blogg.se
Postat av: Milda

Asome smak som always siss!! <3

Svar: Thanks siss! <3
Ruta Mozuraityte

2013-12-19 @ 18:51:04 // URL: http://mildamoz.blogg.se

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