First Sunday of Advent

Can you believe it that it's already winter? To me it feels like it was my birthday not too long ago, but that was like two months from now! Time is relly passing by fast and I hope that I won't even have time to blink before it's already Christmas holidays and I'm on my way to Lithuania.
This weekend has been so much fun! Agnes and I had a sleepover at my place from Friday to Saturday. We met up at Farsta for some coffee and I finally got to try their delicious ginger bread-cupcake. I also had a mocha latte and Agnes had an elf-latte (their little specialty due to the Christmas spirit) and a coconut-ball (or whatever it's called in English). After that we went snacks-shopping and watched VS Fashon Show of the years 2010 and 2012. We also watched "The Vow". I had already seen it, but it's such a beautiful story, I didn't mind watching it again.
Then on Saturday we went to this audition for a short movie about soccer, went for another coffee and then we headed home to our places. I tried to get some homework done, but that didn't go too well.
Today we went to church as usual and after that we went to an another Lithuanian movie premiere, this time of a movie called "Moterys Meluoja Geriau. Kristina", which basically translates to "Women Lie Better. Kristina". It's kind of a sequel to a tv-show with the same name that is really popular in Lithuania (the "Kristina" part only shows that it's from her point of view). Anyway, it was really nice, but during the movie I started to feel sick and now I've had a headache for about six hours. I really hope it passes soon, I have a Spanish exam tomorrow so I really need a good nights sleep.
Hope you all have a great week!
Mocha latte and ginger bread-cupcake
Latte with hazelnut flavor and a quote that pretty much should be mine and Agnes' motto
Time to open up the chocolate calender. Love mine, it's so adorable!


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