Gift ideas from Zara Home and H&M

Christmas is closing in being about a week away. This is often the time when people realize that they haven't bought all the presents and the panic is rising. All the stores are packed with people, there are hundreds on the streets and chaos is a fact.
But no worries!
Here below are some great ideas for those of you who don't have the energy to fight with three other persons over a pair of socks. Simply click the links and you'll come directly to the product.

It's in times like these we can be gratefull for shopping over the internet, it definately makes Christmas shopping a lot easier!
College by me
All the products are from Zara Home and H&M
Frame 219 SEK
Daisy Scented Bag 99 SEK
2014 Diary 279 SEK
Air Freshners Pure Gardenia 279 SEK
Scented Candles Black Vanilla 259 SEK
Vase 359 SEK
Sleeping mask 59 SEK
Ceramic pot 99 SEK
Ornament box 359 SEK

Postat av: Anonym

That is so pretty!! I want it all! <3

Svar: I know, me too!
Ruta Mozuraityte

2013-12-15 @ 23:21:32
Postat av: Agnes

I forgot to wrote that it was me who wrote the last comment ;)

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