Happy Lucia!


Goodmorning my lovely readers! Happy Lucia everyone and happy Friday 13th!
I actually celebrated it a bit sneaky yesterday, since my sweet sister had made some delicious lussebullar (saffron buns). It was really nice to have some warm coffee after a cold day, watch the latest episode of Paradise Hotel and enjoy a lussebulle.
This mornign was a bit chaotic. I woke up about 15 minutes later than usual, since I was planning on taking a later bus. So I make breakfast and sit down in front of the morning news, just to find out that there was some kind of a problem with the subway system, so all the trains on the green line, which is the one I HAVE to take, were cancelled. So I took aride with my parents and were at school about two hours before first class. Since I was so early I decided to get something delicious at Espresso House. I went for a Winter Frapino, which of course was as delicious as it sounds!
After school I'm gonna meet up with Agnes to go Christmas shopping and of course, for a coffee. Then we're gonna head to Eugenia church for some cosy Christmas baking. I'm really looking forward to this Christmasy afternoon, it's gonna be so much fun!
Hope you guys have a great Friday!

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2013-12-13 @ 19:24:24 // URL: http://josefindysenius.com
Postat av: Tess

Mums, vad gott! :) Kram

2013-12-13 @ 19:54:00 // URL: http://tesswaltenburg.blogg.se
Postat av: Anonym

Oj.. jag har ingen aning :) kanske en bichon havainas? :) du?

Svar: Antagligen någon mindre, vit och fluffig ras, de är så söta! :3
Ruta Mozuraityte

2013-12-13 @ 21:00:24 // URL: http://justmesarah.devote.se

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