Last nights troubles

Yesterday it was once again time to pack for our Christmas trip to Lithuania. As always when I travel somewhere, I have the hardest time deciding what clothes to take with me! I lay everything out on my bed and then I kind of sort out what to pack and what to leave behind. But since I'm, at least in my opinion, pretty good at packing by now, I don't have such a hard time as others may have. 
Also, I had to write my film analysis on "Tristan and Isolde". Now that's a whole different story. I usually don't find it so complicated to write essays, but this time was somehow different. It started on Wednesday, when I started writing it. I sat at school for more than an hour,  and only came up with a few sentences. Yesterday it was really difficult to get started as well, but I finished it and sent it in before 11PM. To be honest, I don't know if I could've done it any better, even if I had a day extra. All I can do now is hope that it's enough. 
Anyway, now I'm on my way to Vilnius. I probably won't have internet until Monday, so a bigger update will come then. But I will still be posting some interesting things, so keep your eye on this blog!
All of these beautys are coming with!


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