Lindsay Lohan writing a book?

Good morning sunshines!
Or, cloudy skies, if you should go by today's weather. Monday mornings are always the same, boring, grey and NEVER fun. Mondays for me start with Bussines Economics, a class where you have to use your brain, which doens't work that well when you're barely staying awake.
Lindasy Lohan is apparently going to write a book? Is it only me or does this really sound like just an another rumor? I don't really know what to think about it, if it's really true it will be really interesting to read it.
According to Jezebel the book is about rehab, being famous, and having Michael Lohan for a father. Even though the book is still in it's conceptual stage, as a result of a series therapeutic journal exercises, it has made several publishers interested in the idea. There are even speculation about six-figure advances!


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