Olivia Palermo Street Style

This gorgeous fashionista and style icon strikes again - this time with an amazing fall/winter outfit! Leather, fur and a pop of color is all it takes for miss Olivia to hit the first place in any magazines best dressed-lists. And of course I love it aswell, even though it might be a bit too cold right now here in Sweden.
But if you live in a bit warmer place I suggest you cosy up your leather jacket with a fur vest and hit the streets, you'll definately be recognized for your unmissable sense of style!
Sweater - TOPSHOP 280 SEK
Fur vest - H&M 430 SEK
Leather jacket - Crocker/JC 699 SEK
Pants - H&M 160 SEK
Sneakers - Eurosko 399 SEK
Bag - H&M 399 SEK


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