Santa Claus is coming to town

Yesterday my family celebrated mini-Christmas. Since we're not home during almost whole Christmas break, we're not celebrating it with just our family. You could say that we celebrate Christmas 3 times, every time with different parts of the family. Therefore we've had this tradition since a couple of years ago.
Around a week before we leave for Lithuania we celebrate our own little Christmas. There are some "rules" about the presents. A person has to buy one gift for each member of our family, and the gifts aren't supposed to be big and pricy, just something small and cute that you can appreciate.
But before exchanging gifts we decorate the Christmas tree together while listening to Christmas carols. Pie is also on the menu, this year it was rabarber pie. Yummy!
Super nice family-thing, loved every part of it! It's so nice we've got this tradition of ours!

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