Cosy Saturday

Hello everyone who's reading my not so very much visited blog...
Hahaha! But seriously, sometimes I even wonder for whom I'm writing. But I guess I'm doing it just for fun, even though it would be even more fun if more people read it. Anyway...
Today was a very nice day, that kind of day when you don't really have any plans and just go with the flow.
I was supposed to go to be this extra in a movie together with my mom today. So we're on our way, it was starting at 10AM, when we get a text that the filming is postponed until 2PM. Both my mom and I were quite unpleased and dissapointed, so we decided to ditch it and go shopping instead. It was so nice going in to different stores, looking for something nice to buy, either for yourself or for Christmas. Unfortunately this didn't last that long, since we both felt tired, so we ended up going for a coffee at Espresso House instead. We found this adorable café near the train station in the city and sat there for a while, drinking hot chocolate, eating muffins and having a really nice talk. Then when I got home my sister had a friend over and she was really nice. We made homemade pizza and of course it was delicious. I ate sooo much, I kind of regret it a bit, hahaha!
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Postat av: Agnes

I will always read your blog sweetie <3

Svar: Aww, thank you honey. So will I, with your blog! <3
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