Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (or Turkey Day) everyone!
I hope you all have celebrated it well, or if you haven't yet, that you will.
My family and I for sure did. It all started with me asking my family if they wanted to celebrate it this year, since we don't have these traditions in Sweden we had never done it before. So they agreed (after some convincing from my side) and I started my research. I didn't know much about it, but I searched for traditional courses and narrowed it down to today's menu.
The preparations started on Tuesday, with my dad and I going grocery shopping to get all I needed for this celebration. Then yesterday I made the pie crust and today everything came together. I started making dinner at around 5.30PM, which I soon realised was a bit too late... The dinner was ready at around 8.30PM, so I worked hard. But with some help from mom (mostly with cleaning up after me, hahah), sissie (peeling potatoes) and dad, it all ended up being a beautiful dinner.
Everyone we're really happy and pleased with how it all turned out, so we're definately going to make this our tradition. It's a bit sad that we don't celebrate it here in Sweden, but I find it so incredibly nice and cosy, so we're gonna do it anyway!
Tomorrow is a free day for me (not because of Thanksgiving, of course), so I'm gonna head to the gym, do some cleaning and of course, some shopping, since it's Black Friday (not in Sweden, but I don't care). Then I'm gonna meet up with Agnes for some coffee and later we're gonna head to my place for a fun sleepover, so I won't be doing much blogging tomorrow. Hope that's okey with you guys!
Happy Thanksgiving!
The dinner (from top to bottom): Pumpkin Pie, Turkey Breasts, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Green Beans, Brussel Sprouts and Gravy.
Le pumpkin pie
Today was the first time I ate Pumpkin Pie (or pumpkin overall)


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