Movies, buckets and letters

Decided to do a little quick and quite late post, hope you guys don't mind.
So this past week has been hell at scholl. Not so much because we've had a lot to do, which we've had, but mostly because I've had a headache at least one period of time every day the whole week. I usually never have headaches unless it's a migrane, but this week has been different and I have no idea why.
But there's been some fun things as well! On Wednesday my sister and I went to watch "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". Both of us are completely in love with the books and seeing them come to life is beyond incredible. The movie was awesome, as expected, and we enjoyed it very much.
Today after PE-class my frineds and I tried out a "new" restaurant, called "Salata Sthlm". It was very different, but in a good way I think. The concept was very clear and it looked really fresh and the food was delicious. I will try to take some pics next time so you can see how it looks. What we all found a bit strange but at the same time really cool was the way our salads were served, in something that looked like mix of a flower pot and i bucket. Really cute, love those kind of ideas and details.
Also today I received my very longed for letter from my friend Nashara who lives in The Netherlands. We were introduced to eachother as a part of a project and we became really good friends and now we continue writing to eachother, even though the project is different now. I will try to send my letter back to her as soon as possible!
Hope you guys have had a great Friday!
Some studying before the movie
Movie time!
Sissie and I
Lunch in a bucket
Letter from Nashara
So cute!


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