One of the best weekends ever

Hello guys! Quite some time has passed, since my last post I mean.
Well these last few days have been sooo much fun, it's insane! Well, at least for me.
On Friday it was my last day at Pressbyrån and my internship was on it's last day. It was really sad to leave everyone, they were so nice to me and made me feel really welcomed. Fortunately, I may see them all again, since my boss offered me a part time job! I'm so excited! Sadly I probably won't be needed there so much right now, but after she leaves for a maturnity leave I will be needed. So I'm really looking forward to earning some money at the same time as going to school. Also since it was my last day I bought some delicious chocolate "cake" for the whole staff, and of course it was delicious!
Then later the same day I met up with Agnes at a Wayne's Coffee (after some stuggle finding the right one!). It was so nice to meet up for some coffee and cake and just talk about everything that's been going on and about the future and so on. After that we went to the movies to see "Prisoners" and it was a very good, interesting and thrilling movie. I definately understand why it has received so good critic. Then we had to run to catch the train home to Agnes' place , otherwise we would have gotten home almost an hour later. But we made it to the train in time and when we got home Agnes' mom had made some delicious mini breads, which we both enjoyed very much. Then we made a reaction video to "Story of My Life" by One Direction, I introduced her to "Hannibal" and we started to watch this movie called "One Day", but we were too tired to watch the whole movie so we went to sleep.
The next day we woke up around 10, ate a long and big breakfast and she introduced me to a show called "Sherlock" (I think it was called that anyway). It was really good and I really liked it, so I will definately be watching it again soon. The only bad thing is that the episodes are very long, around 1,5 hours, so you really have to have some time over if you watch it.
At around 1PM I had to head home and I bought a chocolate croissant (I just LOVE them!) and a coffee to that, before I grabbed the bus home. At home, I did't do anything special, which was really nice, just to relax and do whatever I wanted. Of course I did some homework, since I have this huge exam on Thursday (marketing, of course), and made dinner (American pancakes), but otherwise it was a really nice and calm end of the day.
Today after mass my parents and I went grocery shopping (you older readers know how much I love grocery shopping) and then I just watched some series, ate yummy food and did more homework. After dinner the whole family watched an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" and now I'm here, just about to go to sleep. Tomorrow another week in hell begins and I'm not exactly excited about that. But what can you do, but "Enjoy the rollercoaster that is life" (thank you Zayn Malik for those encouraging words).
Have a nice week everyone!
Last day at work-cake
A box of chocolate from my boss at the last day of work (How sweet?)
A chocolate latte and pecan pie at Wayne's with Agnes
Delicious breakfast at Agnes' place
A chocolate croissant and coffe on my way home
Yummy American pancakes with syrup a la Ruta


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