American pancakes with friends

Well hello there! So nice you stopped by here! Hahah!
Today was really nice, I met up with some friends from school, watched "Ravenswood" and did some homework. May not sound like anything special to you, but it actually was really fun!
So the day started with me waking up quite early to go to the doctor and leave some blood samples. Then I had breakfast at Espresso House (a delicious dark bread sandwich with cheese and a chai latte) and headed for Farsta. There I managed to buy a really nice knitted sweater before I had to meet up with las amigas. We were supposed to go to this kind of gymnastics class, since we're creating something similar in PE in school, but the teacher had given us false information, so we weren't able to attend it. So we ended up going for a coffee at Espreso House there in Farsta (yes, I like Espresso House a lot!). It was very cosy to sit with your friends, drink hot white chocolate (which was quite tasty, not something very special though), and talk. After a while we decided to go to Patricia's house to make lunch and watch a horror movie. We did American pancakes that turned out delicious (as you can see in the pictures below), but we had some problems with the TV so we ditched the movie.
On my way home I bought some Marabou Digestive for my sister and I (as if I hadn't eaten enough unhealthy things) and watched the newest episode of "Ravenswood". I actually like it quite a lot and will be very sad to see it end in about a month. After that we ate tuna salad for dinner, then I did my homework and here I am now!
Tomorrow will be a lot of fun as well, and I'll try to write all about it! See you then!
Hot white chocolate at Espresso House. One of the new drinks in their winter campaign!
American pancakes with different toppings: raspberrys, chocolate sauce, syrup and sugar.
According to me, the most delicious combination was mashed raspberrys with chocolate sauce!


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