Birthday girl

Yes, the headline says it all! But one thing you could be mistaken by is that my birthday was yesterday and not today.
The day started with sleeping until 7.30AM, which is quite long for a day in the middle of the week. The reason for that was that I only had one lesson, it started at 1.15PM. But the first thing that happened in the morning was that the whole family woke me up with cake, flowers and presents. Then I had to hurry and get dressed so that we could eat cake before everyone had to leave for school/work. So I was left all alone at home, but I didn't mind. It was really nice to just take it easy, eat breakfast, lunch and the rest of my piece of cake and watch "Bones".
The lesson at school went by really fast. After that me and my friend Nicolina went to Blueberry's meeting about studies abroad. We are both interested in studying in USA after what you can call high school here in Sweden, probably in California, but also New York. That meeting was really interesting and exciting and I got to know a lot more about it all. I really really want to study in the US, but it's quite expensive and I really feel like I need to get a part time job, so I'm on the hunt! It's really not easy to get a job here in Sweden, unlike in other countries. I'll just have to keep going and not give up until I have something!
When I got home my sister was still at her horseriding lesson with mom, so it had to be a quite quick dinner. I decided to go for pizza, since we don't eat it often at all. But we're going to celebrate more properly this weekend, since we didn't have time yesterday.
Birthday cake!
Beautiful flowers I got that morning.
A sign of Autumn outside the window.


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