Chill Saturday

Yep, that's what all this day is going to be about. After a really stressful week I really hink I deserve some time where I don't feel obligated to do anything in particular. This of course results in me laying on my bed watching tv-series, eating unhealthy food and being lazy lazy lazy! But no, I will actually get something useful done today. I'm planning on hitting the gym in a couple of hours and maybe do a tiny bit of homework.
Yesterday was so fun as well! The math test went great, or so it felt anyway. Then around 6PM all my friends from school came over to my place for a birthday dinner. It was so fun to eat delicious food which my mom and dad made and just talk about stuff that didn't have anything to do with school. The cake was so delicious, probably my new favourite cake. I LOVED all the pretty presents I got and I can't wait to use them!
Yep, that pretty much sums up it all! Now I'm gonna go get a cupcake and maybe watch an another episode of "The Originals", which is actually quite good (I'm not so very picky when it comes to tv-series). Also I'm gonna try convince la familia to have a movie night tonight, hope they will agree.
Have a great Saturday everybody!
Today's breakfast (hihi you know you're bad when you eat cake for breakfast!)
Love this new cup I bought, it's so pretty and colorful!
Cupcake time!
A bit more healthy meal, today's lunch

Postat av: Jennifer M

Åååh jag hade velat vara med på din birthday dinner!!!!! :( :( Miss u! <3

Svar: Aww I miss you too honey! Vi får fira riktigt rejält nästa år helt enkelt! ;) <3
Ruta Mozuraityte

2013-10-21 @ 18:36:35

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