Fun sleepover with bestie

This weekend has seriously been the best weekend in what feels like a very long time. You already know all about Saturday, so I won't mention how relaxing it was.
So the sleepover at Anna's house was Sunday to today, Monday. But first we went to church and this church hostess - meeting (not sure about the translation there). It was actually quite nice, we got delicious egg sandwiches and the first gingerbread of the season.
After the meeting we got a ride to her place by my dad. We ate lunch and just hanged for a bit. After a while her sister's friends arrived and Anna and I decided to bake some subway - inspired cookies. They turned out beyond delicious and I ate WAY too much of them, but it was impossible to stop once you started! We also watched some movies, Paranormal Activity 2 & 3. They are seriously the best scary movies I've seen (not that I've seen so many)! They are really scary, but in a nice way. I'm not the kind of person who likes monsters or killers, I guess I'm more on the psychological side. I like the nervousness of the waiting of something to happen, which you do almost the whole movie. The downside of scary movies is that you're afraid even after the movie ends, and that for me is quite some time. For example I'm home alone right now and a bit freaked out, even though there aren't any creepy sounds or anything going on. Yep, the movies really get to me!
Anyway, after a bunch of cookies and coke we decided to go for a fresh dinner and made some salad. Anna's mom also brought home this kind of potatoe - pie, it's really hard to explain, but it was really good and I'm gonna try to find it in the store near me. Anna and I accidently fell asleep directly after the last movie and woke up at around 1 PM and got ready for sleep and so on.
We slept until 9 PM I think and ate avocado, some leftovers and cookies for breakfast. Really healthy, I know! We also watched "Hotel Transylvania" and we both loved it! There's just something about Disney movies in the morning for me, it feels like a great start to the day. Absolutely love it!
After lunch, which was this yummy bean and bacon soup Anna's mom cooked, I had to head home. Anna was going to an another sleepover and I had some homework to do here at home. After everything that needed to be done was done I decided to watch "The Notebook". Now don't freak out, but I hadn't seen it before. Of course I had lots about it, but I guess the timing had never been right. And yes, I cried SOOO much. I'm not the kind of person who cries to movies, but I've never cried so much to a movie like I did to this one. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm a cold person with no compassion, but I just can't cry that easily. But sometimes the story really gets to me, like it did this time. It's just such a beautiful story and the end is just so sad but still happy, ugh...
Yeah, so now I'm sitting here, preparing dinner for the family, waiting for them to come home. I think we'll watch "Life As We Know It" with Josh Duhamel (so hot!) and Katherine Heigl. Salmon with rice and carrot salad for dinner by the way!
Have a great rest of the day!
Sandwiches for the meeting
Cookies in the making
Eating of the spoon!
So delicious!
Movie time!
Anna and I during the super scary parts.
My new brocolli - husband and I were so happy together. He got me through some really tough parts in the movie!


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