Happy Halloween!

So this day has been a lot of fun!
I woke up quite early to have time to go for a quick gym session before I had to leave for the movie. My friends Miranda, Anamika, Sara and I had planned to see "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Since I hadn't seen the trailer or anything I had no idea what the movie was going to be like, but I really liked it anuway! Since we saw it in 3D, the effects were incredible, even though the story in my opinion was not super good. But I liked it, and I do recommend it! Before the movie we went to Tacobar to eat lunch and, as always, it was delicious! I ordered Nacho Deluxe, my favorite. I should try something new though, so that I don't get tired od this delicious food!
On my way home I went to the grocery store to buy things for the salad that I'm making for dinner, and some candy of course! Strangely, no one has trick or treated at our place yet, but it may be coming soon. If not we'll have quite a lot of candy just for ourselves! Also we've decided to watch a horror movie the whole family together. Since my parents really aren't big fans of this kind of movies it took some time to convince them, but now the first "Paranormal Activity" is on the schedule for tonight! I'm the only one in the family who's seen it before, so it will be really fun to see their reactions and not be so frikin' scared all the time!
Hope you guys have a fun and spooky Halloween!
Lunch at Tacobar.
The movie poster (source)
Ready for the movie!
A little Halloween feeling! (Surely not the best quality though)
All set for the "trick or treat"-ers! (Apologizing so much for the poor quality of these last few pictures!)


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