2 days in pictures

So nothing too interesting has happened these last two days. It's been quite mellow both at school and at home, which has been kind of nice. Me and my sister have began to watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" again and it's really fun! I know some people don't like reality series but I just love them, they're so much fun!
Also the Europian Basketball Championship 2013 has started! People in Sweden are not really interested in basketball (since they're really not good at it!), which makes it kind of hard to watch the games that really matter in the championship. And those games are the ones were Lithuania plays! But I've found a relatively good site where you can watch it online, so it works. So now my evenings will involve a lot of basketball from now on! It's great fun though, spending some quality time with dad, cheering for my country.
Here are some pics from these last 2 days!
Some delicious ice-cream (Tiramisu) that I bought yesterday (and ate it all up hihi)

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