A weekend full of emotions

Excitement, boredome, anger, lazyness, anxiety... These are just some words to describe this weekend.
Saturday started with me waking up early for being a Saturday, just so that I could get tickets to One Direction's concert here in Sweden in June next year. By knowledge gotten through previous experiences I decided to not visit Ticnet's website until around 8:40 AM, the tickets were going to be released at 9 AM. Then I learn to know that I will have to wait for 30-60 minutes. Guess if I was stressed? I knew that if I was going to have to wait for 60 minutes I would NEVER get any tickets at all. So I waited and waited and waited (eating breakfast during this time). Finally, at around 9:30 I was let into the website. I was supposed to get tickets to me, Agnes, her friend and my sister and her friend, 5 persons in total. Since I was let into the website so late, there weren't any tickets left, only single-seats that were not placed together. So I bought those, because I thought that "Well, better have any kind of tickets than no tickets at all!". Then, about 15 minutes later I get a call from Agnes. She's saying that there's gonna be a second concert the day after and that her friend probably got me a ticket. Of course I got extrememly happy, but I also got really mad and dissapoointed and anxious. And on top of that my sister called and told me she and her friend had gotten great tickets to the next show aswell. What the hell am I supposed to do with those single-place tickets now??? I'm soooooo mad at Ticnet still, not telling anyone about the extra concert so that desperate people like me buy the last and worst tickets, just so that they can earn money. That is nowhere near fair and to me it feels like fraud.
So the first half of Saturday was ruined because of the whole Ticnet-thing.
The rest of the day went by quite nice, though the rough start. I layed around in my bed, watching "Bones", drinking tea and coffee and enjoying delicious food. Also had some homework done, but it for sure didn't feel like a priority that day. I was feeling really sorry for myself and acted thereafter hahah.
The day ended with mom, dad and I watching "After Earth" with Will Smith and his son. It's a Sci-Fi movie, so my dad LOVED it while mom wasn't to fond with it. I don't really know what I thougth about the movie... I'm not a hardcore Sci-Fi fan like my dad, but I don't hate it like my mom. I guess I'd say that I'm somewhere in the middle. But this movie felt somewhat weird, maybe it was because of the main actor (which, surprizingly, isn't Will). But overall I'd say it was quite a good movie!

Sunday nothing really special happened. I met Agnes for a quick chat after mass and then dad gave me a ride to a shoppig center in Farsta where I bought this cashbook to keep track of my economy. Thought it would be more fun to actually write it all down and have it on paper. It was actually mom's idea because I have no idea where my money goes heheh. So thanks mom!
The rest of the Sunday I did some homework, cleaned my room and finished the fifth season of "Bones"
Today I have Spanish reading and hearing tests and a guitar lesson after school. I'm gonna try to get some homework done and start the sixth season of "Bones", which I'm super excited about!
Waiting to be let into the website
Breakfast during the wait, also a new obsession
Annoyance and anger well expressed between Agnes and I
Delicious dinner by mom: sesame baked salmon with cooked potatoes and a cucumber-lemon-sour cream mix
Saying goodbye to some summer clothes with tears in my eyes


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