Delicious lunch with amazing friend

Can you believe that it's already fall? I for sure can't, even though you're beginning to feel the little chilliness in the air. Fall for me means a lot of stress, because of school and all. So therefore I have decided that I this year are going to focus on stuff that make me feel happy, even though it's that "Where did the summer go?" time of year. I'm gonna invest in some new accessories for my room, like scented candles and maybe a new pillow or two, to get that cosy fall feeling I love. Because fall should be less stressfull and more relaxing and cosy. Imagine sitting curled up on the sofa in a fluffy blanket, holding a warm cup of tea or coffee, reading a good book or seeing a movie and you'll know what I mean. That's my goal for Fall 2013!
Today started with a steady breakfast and then going to church with my family. After church my friends and I were supposed to meet up and have coffee/lunch, but two of them were sick, so it was just me and one of my dearest friends Agnes (you can find her blog here). We decided to go to Wayne's Coffee which was just around the corner. It's a quite small, cute little café that I love. We ended up talking for hours about everything and anything! We talked about school, what we want our futures to hold, our plans and how to make them work and so on. It was really nice to have someone to share your thoughts with that understood you and didn't make fun of your dreams, even though they're not so very realistic. I would say that it was a really nice way to end your weekend!
Also on my way home I bought some ice-cream and the latest issue of Swedish ELLE, which I'm saving for later today. Right now I'm just gonna finish my homework and then me and my sister will watch Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013, for what feels like the 100th time ever. But I love it, so it doesn't matter!
Hope you have a great week!
Today's lunch consisted of a delicious chicken wrap, a chocolate cupcake and some raspberry water. Yummy!
Beautiful bestie!
The perfect ending after a long week!


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