Friday the 13th

Wow, it feels like I haven't written here for ages, which is kind of what it's been since my last post.
This week has gone by quite fast, probably because I've stayed home a couple of days.
On Monday I went to school as usual, but towards the afternoon I started to not feel so good. I was having random chills and a consistant headache. I was supposed to go to my first guitar lesson for this semester, but I didn't go.
So Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed at home since I wasn't feeling so good and just relaxed at home, watching tv-shows like "House", "Bones" and "Veronica Mars" and drinking a lot of tea and warm milk with honey.
Thursday I went back to school and it was really nice to see everyone again. Even though I've not been feeling so well I've gotten quite a lot of homework done.
Now it's finally Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. Even though I've been home this week I'm still longing for the weekend and some free time.
It has been going really well for Lithuania in the Europian Basketball Championship. They are now through to the second round and have beaten France, which is one of the best teams in the tournament. Today they're playing against Belgium and we're all hoping for victory, of course!
Also some of my friends' birthdays have been this week. So a BIG "Happy Birthday!" to Nashara, Anamika and my beloved Niall (who is not my friend YET :P)!
A very delicious croissant that I felt like I deserved since being sick and my life savior, warm milk with honey!
Thank you to Agnes for borrowing me this
A delicious bar I had for lunch one day

Postat av: Agnes

You're welcome honey! do you like it? <3

Svar: I haven't seen many episodes yet, but it's good! <3
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