Sleepover with besties

So I've told you about my little sleepover over at Nicolina's house together with Patricia. After eating breakfast I went home to have lunch and then I was on my way again, this time going to Huddinge Centrum to mmet my besties Agnes, Anna and Bea.
As always I was the only one there on time! I tried to look in different clothing stores for some make-up, but they all closed at 4 PM, so I ended up just standing where we were supposed to meet watching Zoella's videos on YouTube. I just love her! She's so cute and has some great tips and funny videos.
So after a while (Agnes and Anna were about half an hour late :P) we went to buy some dinner and snacks and stuff and took a buss to her place. Bea was at an eye doctor so she was supposed to come at 6 PM, but ended up coming 1,5 hours late.
We took a really nice walk with Agnes' two dogs. We went for a walk in the forest and ended up at this beautiful cliff that had one of the most amazing views. Unfortunately I think that pictures rarely can show how beautiful nature really is, but I gave it a go anyway!
Once we got home, Anna, Agnes and I decided we were gonna have a movie-night. We went for "I am NUmber Four" and "Exam". The first one I had already seen, but the second one was new and it was really good. It was a bit different, like a mix of a thriller and a psychological movie, but with a twist. However, I really recommend it. It's that kind of movie that suits bot young people and their parents.
For dinner we had bought some pizza, but Agnes' parents had made a delicious dinner, so we ate both that and our pizza. We had planned that we were going to go to bed early because we all had things to do in the morning, but of course we ended up going to bed around 3-4 AM.
Then Sunday was spent just chilling at home watching series and doing some homeworks. This weekend was a lot of fun!
First time eating crayfish!
Also tried this lovely thing for the first time

Postat av: Agnes

You girls are the best!! don't know what I'll do without you!! <3

2013-09-14 @ 17:58:30 // URL:
Postat av: Agnes

You girls are the best, don't know what I would do without you!! <3

2013-09-14 @ 18:00:39 // URL:

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