The Emmy Awards 2013

22nd of September, that would mean last Sunday, it was finally time for the annual Emmy Awards ( or "The Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony" as it's actually called). Because it aired so late, around midnight here in Sweden, I wasn't able to watch it and I unfortunately still haven't. But I will, since I love all kinds of award shows! Besides seeing the winners in the different categories, fashion is the highlight for me.
So here are some of the, for us in Sweden, most known celebrities and my comments about their outfits. Hope you enjoy!
Carrie Underwood in a Ramon Keveza dress
Personally I don't like this outfit, it feels a bit too "promy" to me. Her make-up and hair is gorgeous, and so is the color of the dress, but it all combined doesn't scream Emmys to me.
Sarah Hyland in a CH by Carolina Herrera dress
This is completely gorgeous! The emerald green dress matches Sarah's skintone perfectly. Together with some black lace and red lips her look is stunning!
Kaley Cuoco in a Vera Wang dress
This is completely gorgeous as well! I love the deep red color together with loose waves and smoky eyes. Dark red colors are definately a go-to-color for me when it comes to dresses. It looks amazing on Kaley and personally I think she's one of the best dressed this year!
Malin Åkerman in a Marchesa dress
Of course I have to mention our own little Swedish star in Hollywood, Malin Åkerman. I think she looks like an angel in this beautiful dove white creation by Marchesa. In my opinion the dress is a bit too big in the "mermaid" part of the dress, but otherwise it's a real win!
Heidi Klum in an Atelier Versace dress
Yet another dark red dress, this time on "Project Runway" hostess Heidi Klum. I have a bit of divided feelings about this outfit... The color is beautiful, the little sparkle adds something extra, but what the heck happened in the upper part of the dress? The neck is dreadful and some of the embroidery make a bit of weird shapes... This is a thumbs down for me.
Rose Byrne in a Calvin Klein dress
This can be describeb in one word: "Wow". I'm in LOVE with everything! The color is totally the color to go for this fall, it complements her skintone and hair perfectly. I love the little bit darker and smoky make-up, giving me a bit of the old-Hollywood feeling. Totally number 1 on my list! This is PERFECTION in one picture!


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