Weekend lovin'

Finally it's the weekend! I slept about 10-11 hours and felt super well rested when I woke up this morning. The day started with breakfast and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" with sissie, whereafter she went on a walk with Seira and I did some homework.
So I went to school on both Thursday and Friday, thank God I was feeling well enough! I attended some really important lessons and got some things done. Even though I only went to school for a couple of days, a few free days feel well deserved (must be the sickness not totally loosing it's hold on me).
Last night was mostly spent in front of the computer or the TV, but also in the kitchen. When I got home I made a snack and watched an episode of "Bones". Then we watched a basketball game, Lithuania vs. Croatia. As we'd hoped Lithuania won (!) and is now through to the finals of EuroBasket 2013! Yey!!! After the game I made dinner:
 vanilla and chocolate wafers with whatever toppings you like! I'd say they came out delicious heheh!
After dinner we watched the other semifinal of the tournament to see which team was going to be Lithuania's competitors for Sunday's game. It ended up being France (as we all secretly wished), even though Spain wasn't far behind. It was a very intriguing and nail-biting game!
On today's schedule we have even more homework that needs to be done, some guitar practising, room cleaning and baking. I'll post the results later!
Until then!
Friday's lunch at school: broccoli and blue cheese pie with vegetables
Fruits, coffee and "Bones" always cheer me up!


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