Yes, it's finally here. The most loved day of the week, Friday!
Friday's for me mean long mornings and long days. School ends at 4.20PM, whereafter I have to rush home, get dressed and go to the stable and my weekly horseriding lessons. 
Today was a particurarly stressfull day, because I had to hurry incredibly much after my horseriding lesson, so that I could be at Pressbyrån in time. It all worked out very well, above my anticipation. 
This week has been really nice, not that stressfull and really fun.
Also, a BIG Happy Birthday to my dear friend Annelie who's turning 18 today. Hurray!
Now you all have a great Friday evening and I'll see ya'll tomorrow!
A really cool picture in my opinion from today's PE class. It's me doing the bridge!


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