Busy + no posts = Bad day

Ugh, I'm incredibly sorry that I haven't been updating this whole day. I know it's no excuse, but I've actually been super busy. The only reason why I'm updating now is that I'm just about to go to sleep, so I thought that a few minutes more or less won't matter that much (plus I feel really guilty for not updating).
This morning started with going to church. Then I went to the city to do some dress-shopping for my friend Ammi's 18th birthday party, that has a theme called "Masquerade". This basically means that you have to wear a dress (if you're a girl) and a mask. Now I had spotted a mask before today, but I didn't really want to buy it before I had a dress, in case they wouldn't go well together. So I spent the day searching for a dress. I visited seriously every store and didn't find anything that felt and looked right. So I went home empty handed. Well, not really maybe, did go to the hairdresser to cut my hair. Not that much, just the ends, and now my hair looks a lot healthier and this will hopefully help my bangs to grow out faster.
When I got home I wasn't to bummed about the bad luck (even though my feet hurt really bad). I went online to nelly.com to look what they had to offer and man, they have a LOT of dresses. I managed to narrow it down to four dresses, then mom had to come and help. We ordered a beautiful bottle green lace dress that hopefully will look great on me. Now the only thing missing is the mask! But I'll have more time for that later.
Now I have to sleep, feel a bit sick but hopefully I'll be able to go to school tomorrow.
Night night!
Such a beautiful morning (!) sky
At the hairdresser. For those who wonder, I cut my hair at PUB Styling.
Love this dress, hope it looks good on me. You can buy it here.


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