First day of school

Morning guys! Today is the first day of school and I couldn't be less motivated. I'm just so tired of school! And to make it even worse, our schedule has changed for this new semester, to the worse. I'm so irritated, it feels like the teachers don't think about us students at all. So my friends and I are going to talk to our program principal about it. Changes have to be made! Until them we all will just have to endure it and make the best out of the situation. 

This morning was very nice. I got to sleep much, had a great breakfast (the same smoothie as yesterday) while reading an amazing book. 
I just hope the whole day will be like this!
I'm also having my first horseback riding lesson today. I'm so nervous!!! Even though my group is going to be around the same age as me and know about the same things (beginners), I'm anxious about it. I hope it will go well! 

Have a nice day guys! 

Today's morning


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