Goodmorning everyone! Woke up really early today (thanks you so much school!), but was still somehow filled with energy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been working out more than usual this week?
Ugh, my legs hurt so much from yesterday's horse riding lesson! You may not think that you exercise that much while sitting on a horse, but you're wrong. At least if you have a quite slow horse that you have to urge all the time!
Either way, the lesson and the preparation before and after it went really well. I was really nervous, but I really didn't have to be. I got a horse that somewhat knew, a mare called Bumblebee that was super sweet and easily let me buff her hooves.
In spirit of being healthy and exercising, here comes some pictures to inspire you all to strive for what's really best for your mind and body!
Pictures from WeHeartIt


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