Key pieces

H&M has already launched a part of their spring collection. Below you can see some key pieces that everyone should invest in, if not from H&M then from other stores. Get your wallets ready!
H&M Crêpe top
The Spagetti Strap                                                                                      299 SEK
A stylish top with thin straps highlight the shoulders and arms in a feminine way. This spring's interpretation of the delicate silhouette makes it a tasteful need.
H&M Wide coat

The Oversized Coat                                                                                                999 SEK
This seasons silhouette - oversize. When it comes to the accent colors, a deep mustard yellow has been added to the mix.
H&M Scuba skirt
The Skater Skirt                                                                                                            349 SEK
The wippy skirt is a fun and flirtatious touch this season. With different materials and colors, the skirt takes you through spring with impeccable style.

H&M Woven top
The Crop Top                                                                                                                  299 SEK
Both boxy and tight versions of the short top sets the trend this season. Match with high-waist for a more sophisticated look.

H&M Wool blend jumper
The Graphic Sweater                                                                                                  399 SEK
Classy, graphic designs make a comeback this spring: squares, circles and polygons, is the key to this season's pattern design.
H&M Handbag

The Classic Tote                                                                                                        299 SEK
The bag is the accessory that can make your whole outfit. A black classic is the perfect detail for an impeccable everyday look.
H&M Tuxedo jacket

The Smoking Jacket                                                                                                   299 SEK
When the classic shawl-collar meets sharp cuts the tuxedo jacket becomes trendsetting again - an indispensable garment in your spring wardrobe.
H&M Jersey dress

The Bodycon Dress                                                                                                       249 SEK
Go for a figure hugging and flattering dress this spring. With this season's animal print this dress becomes the closets best style amplifier.
H&M Loose fit trousers

Fluid Trousers                                                                                                            299 SEK
Smooth trousers with a fancy fall creates a sleek silhouette. They are both comfortable and stylish and for the season updated with a graphic print.
H&M Crinkled skirt

The Full Skirt                                                                                                              299 SEK
This season we let our eyes go to the waist. Refresh the feminine and wide skirt with a contrasting metal belt.

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