New in from Lithuania

During the holidays in Lithuania I did more than visit family and friends, eat a lot of delicious food and watch a ton of movies. I did some shopping aswell! Therefore I thought I'd show you some things that I bought during my time there.
This teal peplum top from New Yorker
This cardigan from Vero Moda
These face masks from Beauty Formula and Nivea
And these lovely muffin forms, love the pattern!
I also bought a foundation from Maybelline New York called Fit Me, and a mascara from L'oréal Paris called False Lash Telescopic. I guess you've heard of them both.
I did some shopping today aswell, but I'll show you tomorrow. Went to the gym again too, really nice.
Have a great weekend you guys!

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fina toppar!

Svar: Tack! :) x
Ruta Mozuraityte

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