Perfect pyjamas for cosying up at home

You put a lot of thought into your work, play, and even gym outfits, so isn’t it time you turn your attention to what you sleep in? With all of the adorable available options, it’s time to retire your baggy t-shirt and faded sweatpants, and invest in a pair that will make staying in even more appealing.
For those who've been spending their days in Sweden know exactly what I mean.
College by me
1. The Cotton Mayfair Pajama, Victoria's Secret 195 SEK
2. Flower Power PJ Set, Forever 21 115 SEK
3. Pajamas, H&M 249 SEK
4. Love Florie Night Kit, Rut&Circle/ 199 SEK
5. Flannel pajamas, H&M 199 SEK
6. I Heart Naps PJ Set, Forever 21 83 SEK
Sweet dreams!


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