Shakira - Can't Remember To Forget You feat. Rihanna

Yesterday, Monday the 13th, Shakira's and Rihanna's new collaboration product was released. The song is called "Can't Remember To Forget You" and is more Shakira's style than Rihanna's, but with a bit rockier sound than we're usually used to when it comes to Shakira. When describing it more professionally, you could say that it's a mix of pop, reggae and rock, a very interesting and different combination. For me, I think it's the kind of song that you don't like that much in the beggining, but the more you listen to it, the better it gets. So even if you don't feel like you love it from the first second I think you should give it a chance, but that's entirely up to you. I'm guessing this song will be playing on all kinds of radio channels pretty soon, and I'm really looking forward to the music video, that's gonna be really interesting.
Fun fact, the Swedish singer/songwriter Erik Hassle had a finger in making the song. You didn't expect that, huh?



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