The best ways to keep your closet organized

I'm guessing a lot of girls are known for saying “I have nothing to wear,” yet your closet is about to burst? You do have lots to wear—you probably just can’t find it. Therefore I've made this post, so that you can find what you've forgotten and enjoy the coming fashion seasons.

Tip 1: Edit often and set a cut-off date.

If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, consider it clutter. We have two major exceptions: if something’s an investment piece (store it) or great vintage (again, store it).



Tip 2: Downsize your t-shirt collection. 

No one needs to have mounds of t-shirts. Hold onto your favorite seven and donate the others, because let’s be honest, you always go for the one on the top of the pile anyways.



Tip 3: Merchandise your clothing.

To avoid an overwhelming closet, arrange your clothing by category. In other words, group all outerwear together, all tops together, and all pants together for a neat and systematic wardrobe. This will make it very simple when looking for a certain blouse or pair of fitted pants.




Tip 4: Keep your shoes visible. 

This one is simple: if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. If you hide your shoes toward the back of your closet, you will continue to wear the same pairs over and over again. Even out the playing field and show yourself all of your options.



Tip 5: Try color coordinating your handbags.

If you’re anything like us and pack your handbag right before you head out the door, this tip will be your lifesaver. Keep your handbags and clutches organized by color so you can quickly grab the perfect option for your outfit.




Tip 6: Avoid double-hanging items. 

It always sounds like a good idea if you’re running low on space or hangers, but we promise this is the quickest way for your closet to swallow your clothes. Sounds familiar? Bet those “missing” items are hanging in your closet right now.



Tip 7: Invest in the right hangers.

Explore your options! Get to know your closet and find out which types of hangers make most sense for your wardrobe. I suggest avoiding wire hangers because they can deform your clothing; instead go for a thin and sleek style that will save very valuable closet space. White wood hangers are my personal favourite.





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