The dress has arrived

Morning guys!
Yesterday when I got home I had two packages waiting for me. The first one was from Nashara, my friend who lives the Netherlands, we send letters and small gifts ti eachother from time to time, the old fashioned way. It's really fun actually to open your mailbox and see a letter to you inside. To know that a person has actually taken time to write a letter to you by hand, it's something special and unfortunately not so common these days when everything happens fast and by different types of electronics.
The second package was my dress from I was so excited opening it up! I tried it on right away, and it fitted! Thank God, I was so worried it would be to small, but it looks really good. I love the color! Hope it goes well with someone of the masks I have in mind, then it'll be perfect. Can't wait to get to wear it!
Today school started just a few minutes ago, so I had quite a lot of time this morning to sleep and make a delicious breakfast. This time it was a banana-mango smoothie with almond milk. Yummy!
Hope you guys have a great day!
The dress. The light is terrible, so the color looks a lot greener and darker.
Banana-mango smoothie


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