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Afternoon everyone!
It's very soon Friday, everyone's favourite day of the week. For me it's no exception. Especially this Friday and this weekend is gonna be filled with lots of fun stuff that I'm really excited about! But more about that tomorrow...
I just wanted to share some recent photos of what's been going on for me, knowing that I've almost only written fashion stuff and not so much personal things. Sooo...
My weekly tradition with PLL/Ravenswood and Exotic Snacks was being held. Such great shows and oh so yummy snacks!
Today I decided to chill a bit and watch The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 and enjoy some cottage cheese with peanut butter. AMAZING COMBO!!!

Postat av: Fanny

Åh, jag såg också på PLL och Ravenswood idag! :)

2014-01-30 @ 19:47:53 // URL: http://fannystaaf.se

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