Work outfits that'll impress your boss

The first impression, or the overall picture, is very important when it comes to work. People tend to respect those who dress appropriatly more than those who come in sweats and hoodies (are there evebn any of you out there?). But let’s be clear: I'm not saying a standout blazer or a killer pair of heels will directly translate to a bump in your pay scale. However, I do think that the right workplace wardrobe will increase your confidence, elevate how others see you, and make you look the part of upper management. And it can’t hurt, right?

Caroline Issa

It is allowed to experiment with prints, just keep the color palette limited to ensure a professional effect and not make anyone angry because of your love of daring colors.

Anne-Laure Mais of Adenorah

When it comes to patterns, a grid print feels fresher than plaid, yet is still workplace-appropriate. For a classic look, go for a black/navy and white mix.



Sara of Collage Vintage

Red exudes confidence and power—never a bad thing in the workplace. But if you're going to a job interview and meeting the people there for the first time, I'd go for a blue color, since blue often means that you're put together, responsible and trustworthy.



Kate Davidson Hudson

You can get away with wearing a sleeveless blouse in a conservative office environment by topping it with a classic blazer. It's super stylish aswell, and perfect for warmer days, when a coffee with friends after work is common.


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