Yesterday's shopping

I promised that I would share my purchases from yesterday's shopping, so here they are! I really love them all, it was a great shopping trip. Can't wait to get to use it all!
White lace top from BIKBOK
Classic black top also from BIKBOK
Structured skirt from H&M
Gold necklace with black stones from BIKBOK
Whiskey leather purse from Fiorelli/Accent
Kabuki brush, smokey eye-brush and eyeshadow all from H&M

Postat av: agnesandersson

Vilken snygg kjol!!

Svar: Tack! xx
Ruta Mozuraityte

2014-01-05 @ 21:26:58 // URL:
Postat av: MATILDA


Svar: Tack så mycket!xx
Ruta Mozuraityte

2014-01-07 @ 09:41:59 // URL:

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