Happy Birthday Sissie!

So my sister turned 15 (!) yesterday, which we celebrated by eating cake, a delicious dinner and a movie, just our family. It was really nice and I hope she enjoyed all the gifts we got her.
Happy Birthday once again sissie! Love you infinity times infinity!
Hope you had a great day honey!

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Shape up, shape down

Evening everyone! Nice to hear from me after a long day, huh?
Because it sure has been that, a long day. I woke up a bit after 7 AM, after a very nice long sleep. I had a nice, chill breakfast while watching Top Model Sverige, before I started to study for the science exam I had today. I think it went well. It was quite easy, actually. But then again, if it feels easy you probably have done something wrong... Let's hope that doesn't apply this time.
On my way home I bought some candy to celebrate that the exam is over and I also spotted this new magazine. Since I've already read this month's ELLE issue, I'm really urging for something to read. So the fact that this magazine seemed really interesting, was quite cheap + had Candice on it's cover, made the decision to buy it really easy. I think I'll save it for the weekend though, when I can relax and read it without feeling guilty about it.
Have a great rest of the week!
The irony in this picture though...

My weekend

Hello babes! (As Jonas Hallberg would say)
This weekend I've barely spent any time at home, therefore the bad update.
On Saturday morning I went to the gym for a little work out. Then, at around lunch, my sister and I went to Åhléns for the Top Model/Maybelline event. It felt so unreal to get to meet Jonas Hallberg and two of the contestants, Elzana and Sebastian. We took some pictures and got some autographs and then my sister and I went for a very quick coffee/lunch at Wayne's Coffee.
Then I had my modeling class and went back to Åhléns to meet up with Agnes for our sleepover. Unfortenately, Agnes wasn't able to make it there in time, so we decided to meet up near her. But first, I went inside Åhléns to get some more pictures with the contestants. Now, more of them had come. I got some photos with Astrid and Kevin aswell.
When I got to Huddinge we went grocery/snacks shopping and then to Agnes' place. First, we watched the latest episode of Top Model Sverige and ate some nuts, then we had dinner, and after that it was time for the final of Melodifestivalen 2014. Also Agnes mom's sister and her husband came to watch it with us, so it was a quite loud crowd that sat around the TV, cheering for their favourites and critisizing the worst ones. It was a really fun night, Sanna Nielsen won the whole contest with her song "Undo", which was one of my favourites. My other favourite was Ace Wilder with "Busy Doing Nothing" and she came second.
After the show, Agnes and I looked at hotels and plane tickets for our trip to London at the end of the summer. I'm so excited about it, it's the main topic of my daydreams right now! We basically decided everything, but it since it was so late when we were done, we didn't book/buy anything. Instead, we started watching "The First Time". I had already seen it, but since we (especially Agnes) have a huge Dylan O'Brien-crush, I knew that she would love it! We didn't watch the whole movie, since we really had to go to sleep.
In the morning we had a quick breakfast and got ready to leave for church. When I got home I just took a quick nap, since I'd only slept for 4 hours. Then I just watched some series, finished the movie and studied for my science exam that is tomorrow. Sunday was a nice, quite chill ending of this week.
Hopefully you guys have had a nice weekend and I wish you all a great coming week!
Jonas Hallberg, Elzana, a make-up artist, and Sebastian.
Pics from my Instagram. Elzana and I, she's my favourite and I really hope that she wins this season!
Astrid and I.
Kevin and I.

Top 5 favourite models

Since I'm really interested in fashion, celebrities and with that also models, I thought I'd give you a little insight on my top 5 favourite models at the moment. It was sooo hard to choose only 5, since I like quite many, but I was able to narrow it down to these 5. Number 1 and 2 have been my favourites for a long time and haven't changed, but the rest change a bit from time to time, but still remain in the top.
I've also added some basic modelling facts about them, like height, weight, measurements, age and so on.
Take a look!
1. Candice Swanepoel
Age: 25, born 20 October 1988
Nationality: South African
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Measurements: 84 - 59 - 87 (cm)
2. Doutzen Kroes
Age: 29, born 23 January 1985
Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 54/57 kg (depending on site)
Measurements: 86 - 62 - 88 (cm)
3. Constance Jablonski
Age: 22, born 17 April 1991
Nationality: French
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Measurements: 86 - 62 - 90 (cm)
4. Edita Vilkeviciute
Age: 25, born 1 Januray 1989
Nationality: Lithuanian
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Measurements: 80 - 60 - 88 (cm)
5. Gigi Hadid
Age: 18, born 23 April 1995
Nationality: Dutch (mother) and Palestinian (father)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Measurements: 86 - 64 - 89 (cm)

I really do


Science lab

Hello everyone!
Today we had quite an interesting lab at science. We did blood tests to see which blood group our blood was and also if we were rhesus positive or negative. It was a bit scary to take a blood sample (you had to stick yourself in the finger with a special needle), but after that it was really fun.
Here are some pics from the lesson. As I knew before, I'm 0+.

The books come out

There's not really much going on as of right now. I've been going to the gym after school this whole week (3 days in a row, woop woop) and now I have to study for an economics exam I have tomorrow. The exam is about more complex ways of bookkeeping. I think that this what we're doing right now is actually kind of fun, even though many people in my class find it boring. There are some parts that are a bit tough to understnad, but eventually when you do some exercises it all becomes clear and understandable.
Hopefully it's gonna go well tomorrow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
A beautiful sunset in Lithuania, taken this past winter

So excited about this Saturday!

OMG you guys, I read about this yesterday. It's a post from the stylist Jonas Hallberg's Instagram, the head stylist and co-host of Top Model Sweden. He's gonna be in Åhléns head department store, I'm not sure about what time, but during whole Friday and Saturday, at least that's what he said when he answered my question. Also, I'm not sure if he's gonna be there by himself or with Caroline Winberg or the contestants of this season's show. However, both Agnes and I really want to meet him, so I'm very excited about this Saturday (since that's when I hopefully will be seeing him).

Shrove Tuesday

Happy shrove Tuesday/pancake day everyone!
Today was a quite nice day, actually. Only 2 lessons at school, then workout at the gym and after that, time for some delicous things! Since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which means that the fast before Easter begins. For me, tomorrow doesn't involve any meat or diary products. Kind of a vegan day, which will be very interesting.
Usually I have my little "cheat day" on Wednesdays, but this time I had it today, therefore the candy.
Also the "semla" was amazingly delicious! I scraped off almost all the whipped cream, since it was very heavy and I'm not really a big fan of it, which made it a whole lot more yummy. Next time, though, I think I'll share it with my mom, it ended up being a bit to much for me to eat on my own.
Hope you guys have enjoyed your semla or pancakes or whatever you celebrate this day with!
All of my favourite candy!
Delicious semla! Look at that amount of whipped cream (OMG)!

Moments of perfection


Sports break part 2

If you'd call my trip to Lithuania part 1 of my sports break, then the rest of the week would be part 2.
The same day that I got home, on Wednesday, Agnes and I had a little sleepover at my place. She came around 5 PM, since I only got home at 3 PM, and we went to the grocery store to buy some candy and snacks. Then we got home, watched Top Model Sweden and ate some candy. This season is gonna be really interesting, since it's both guys and girls. Then my amazing sissie made a delicious vegetarian dinner for us and after that we watched "2012" and ate some snacks. After the movie, when everyone went to sleep, Agnes and I sat up quite long, just talking about and planning our trip to London. It's gonna be so much fun I can't wait!
The next day we watched "Frozen" while eating breakfast and then Agnes had to leave, since she and her family were going to their holiday home the same day.
The day after that, on Friday, my sister and I went to see "The Book Thief", which was really great and very sad at the end. Before the movie we went to Wayn'es Coffee and each of us got a small latte with hazelnut flavour, yummy! Later that day, at around 8 PM, I went to the place where I made my intership to help with the inventory.
On Saturday I didn't do anything special, just went to the gym and chilled at home. Then on Sunday, after mass, my sister and I went to the horse stable for a joint "theory" lesson. That was actually really fun. First we got to fix the horses and then we got to try something called free jumping. That basically means that you get the horse to jump over obstacles without actually sitting on it. Sounds kind of strange, but it wasn't that hard at all (just a tiny bit scary).
So that's about the rest of my vacation away from school. Hope you guys had a nice break and have a great rest of the week!
Our delicious hazelnut lattes!
My sis and I at the movies.
Jumping horses (Verona and Kari)

Trip to Lithuania

So the vacation started with quite an impulsive trip to Lithuania, just my mom and I. It was so nice to just get away and travel with only my mom. When you are in Lithuania it feels like you're in a whole another world! It just feels so different from how your life usually is and it's so nice to get a break from it.
Here's my trip in pictures!
On our way to Vilnius, we transitted in Riga, where we got to enjoy this big (!) and very delicious caramel latte.
We also did some gift shopping at Victoria's Secret.
On the evening we met up with my mom's cousin and her daughter Goda. She's so cute!
The next day my mom, my aunt and I went had lunch at this asian restaurant. We had chicken and mushroom soup and chicken with sweet sauce. So delicious food!
On the day of our return to Stockholm, we bought some super yummy pastries to celebrate our last day there. We bought some macarones (strawberry and chocolate flavour) and brownies.


The reason I've been MIA this whole week is because I've had a week off from school, which has been so amazing it's indescribable. I just felt like I really needed a break from everything that involved the everyday life, including this blog, so that I would come back with even more inspiration and ambition to keep things up.
So don't be too sad, the blog is up and running again. The coming posts will be about my break and the Oscar's that were yesterday/today (depending on where you live).
This post is just gonna be me saying "Hi!", so keep an eye on the blog for more updates!
The background image on my phone, springy vibes!

At the horse stable

Hello everyone!
I'm gonna keep this post short, since I have tons of things to do. Writing an essay and packing for tomorrow's trip to name two of them. 
I just thought I would share a couple of photos I took yesterday after my horse riding lesson. It's of the horse I got to ride, Lorento. He was super nice, a bit scared of umbrellas though, which made him a piece of work sometimes. 
Have a nice evening!

Finally Friday

Can you believe how fast this week has gone by? And in less than 7 hours I'll be on my "sports break", which means that I'll be free from school and other obligations for a whole week! Can time move faster, please?
But until then I have a few more lessons + an social studies essay to hand in (until Sunday). Hopefully it will all go so fast I won't be able to notice all the boring stuff at school and be on my way home.
I'm really looking forward to today's horseriding lesson aswell, I'll be riding this horse called Lorento, appearently he's a really sweet and obedient horse, which suits me perfectly. Will miss my little Humblebee a bit though...
Hold on everyone, the week is soon over!
A photo of Humblebee from their website

Winter wonderland?

NOOOO!!!!! That was my reaction this morning, when I woke up and saw that it had snowed tonight. Annelie and I had just talked about how war it was getting, but that it would probably come a snow storm soon, and I guess we were right... Even though there's snow, it's still quite warm outside, so hopefully it will all melt away soon.
I just had a Spanish exam/test, I'm not really sure how it went, but hopefully I'll get a good grade.
Have a great day everyone!

My bangs are growing


Morning inspiration

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