Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (or Turkey Day) everyone!
I hope you all have celebrated it well, or if you haven't yet, that you will.
My family and I for sure did. It all started with me asking my family if they wanted to celebrate it this year, since we don't have these traditions in Sweden we had never done it before. So they agreed (after some convincing from my side) and I started my research. I didn't know much about it, but I searched for traditional courses and narrowed it down to today's menu.
The preparations started on Tuesday, with my dad and I going grocery shopping to get all I needed for this celebration. Then yesterday I made the pie crust and today everything came together. I started making dinner at around 5.30PM, which I soon realised was a bit too late... The dinner was ready at around 8.30PM, so I worked hard. But with some help from mom (mostly with cleaning up after me, hahah), sissie (peeling potatoes) and dad, it all ended up being a beautiful dinner.
Everyone we're really happy and pleased with how it all turned out, so we're definately going to make this our tradition. It's a bit sad that we don't celebrate it here in Sweden, but I find it so incredibly nice and cosy, so we're gonna do it anyway!
Tomorrow is a free day for me (not because of Thanksgiving, of course), so I'm gonna head to the gym, do some cleaning and of course, some shopping, since it's Black Friday (not in Sweden, but I don't care). Then I'm gonna meet up with Agnes for some coffee and later we're gonna head to my place for a fun sleepover, so I won't be doing much blogging tomorrow. Hope that's okey with you guys!
Happy Thanksgiving!
The dinner (from top to bottom): Pumpkin Pie, Turkey Breasts, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Green Beans, Brussel Sprouts and Gravy.
Le pumpkin pie
Today was the first time I ate Pumpkin Pie (or pumpkin overall)

It's that weird time of the year

Am I the only one already sick of the cold and the darkness? And winter hasn't even started yet! Ugh, I hate it. It's that weird time of the year when it's not fall, but not yet winter, like you're stuck somewhere in the middle. But since it's so incredibly cold, I guess it's starting to lean towards winter now.
These past few days have been really nice.
On Saturday I didn't do anything special, just stayed at home, watched different series (mostly "Sherlock"), baked bread and made dinner. It was really nice altogether.
Then on Sunday Agnes and I went to coffee/lunch at Wayne's Coffee. I had a delicious wrap with lettuce, chicken, quinoa and some other vegetables and a latte with hazelnut flavor. Yummy! After that my parents and I went to this screening of a Lithuanian documentary/movie about two pilots. There was a professor in history that held a speech about them and after that you got to see the film.
Yesterday I stayed at home, not feeling too well and having a headache. Watched Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the years 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. This might seem a bit crazy to anyone who doesn't know me, but I just love the shows! The atmosphere, the lingerie, the models, everything! It's just so magical and every girls' dream to be a part of it. I also listened to some great old music from Agnes' playlist, loved it!
Today I went to school, but the only thing I had was a small presentation about the company where I did my intership. So overall it was a really nice and chill day. Any minute now I'm gonna go grocery shopping with my dad.
Have a great rest of the day!
Beautiful bestie at Wayne's!
Delicious Sunday lunch
The professor
Amazing Monday lunch: cottage cheese, red onion and sundried tomatoes, yummy!
Great playlist, check it out.
Do I need to say anything else?!
Bought this at lunch today, disgusting! Hahahah!

Movies, buckets and letters

Decided to do a little quick and quite late post, hope you guys don't mind.
So this past week has been hell at scholl. Not so much because we've had a lot to do, which we've had, but mostly because I've had a headache at least one period of time every day the whole week. I usually never have headaches unless it's a migrane, but this week has been different and I have no idea why.
But there's been some fun things as well! On Wednesday my sister and I went to watch "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". Both of us are completely in love with the books and seeing them come to life is beyond incredible. The movie was awesome, as expected, and we enjoyed it very much.
Today after PE-class my frineds and I tried out a "new" restaurant, called "Salata Sthlm". It was very different, but in a good way I think. The concept was very clear and it looked really fresh and the food was delicious. I will try to take some pics next time so you can see how it looks. What we all found a bit strange but at the same time really cool was the way our salads were served, in something that looked like mix of a flower pot and i bucket. Really cute, love those kind of ideas and details.
Also today I received my very longed for letter from my friend Nashara who lives in The Netherlands. We were introduced to eachother as a part of a project and we became really good friends and now we continue writing to eachother, even though the project is different now. I will try to send my letter back to her as soon as possible!
Hope you guys have had a great Friday!
Some studying before the movie
Movie time!
Sissie and I
Lunch in a bucket
Letter from Nashara
So cute!

Beautiful morning sky

Good morning guys! I'm just about to start class, so this morning has been quite chill.
Yesterday was such a horrible day, I don't even know where to begin. Firstly, I had a really hard time waking up. I was laying there in bed, all warm and cosy, and absolutely didn't want to go to school. Once I got there, I got a persistent headache that lasted almost the whole day. Had to go to the nurse to get a pill, but not even that one helped so much. So because of those things I was in a bad mood all day, easily iritated and not social at all.
Then later, my guitar lesson went so badly I don't even want to think about it.
So I really hope that this day will be better than yesterday, abit more fun and without a headache. I feel it creeping up on me though, so I should take an Ibumetin soon.
Have a great day everyone!
Beautiful morning sky
No better way to start a morning than with ELLE

One of the best weekends ever

Hello guys! Quite some time has passed, since my last post I mean.
Well these last few days have been sooo much fun, it's insane! Well, at least for me.
On Friday it was my last day at Pressbyrån and my internship was on it's last day. It was really sad to leave everyone, they were so nice to me and made me feel really welcomed. Fortunately, I may see them all again, since my boss offered me a part time job! I'm so excited! Sadly I probably won't be needed there so much right now, but after she leaves for a maturnity leave I will be needed. So I'm really looking forward to earning some money at the same time as going to school. Also since it was my last day I bought some delicious chocolate "cake" for the whole staff, and of course it was delicious!
Then later the same day I met up with Agnes at a Wayne's Coffee (after some stuggle finding the right one!). It was so nice to meet up for some coffee and cake and just talk about everything that's been going on and about the future and so on. After that we went to the movies to see "Prisoners" and it was a very good, interesting and thrilling movie. I definately understand why it has received so good critic. Then we had to run to catch the train home to Agnes' place , otherwise we would have gotten home almost an hour later. But we made it to the train in time and when we got home Agnes' mom had made some delicious mini breads, which we both enjoyed very much. Then we made a reaction video to "Story of My Life" by One Direction, I introduced her to "Hannibal" and we started to watch this movie called "One Day", but we were too tired to watch the whole movie so we went to sleep.
The next day we woke up around 10, ate a long and big breakfast and she introduced me to a show called "Sherlock" (I think it was called that anyway). It was really good and I really liked it, so I will definately be watching it again soon. The only bad thing is that the episodes are very long, around 1,5 hours, so you really have to have some time over if you watch it.
At around 1PM I had to head home and I bought a chocolate croissant (I just LOVE them!) and a coffee to that, before I grabbed the bus home. At home, I did't do anything special, which was really nice, just to relax and do whatever I wanted. Of course I did some homework, since I have this huge exam on Thursday (marketing, of course), and made dinner (American pancakes), but otherwise it was a really nice and calm end of the day.
Today after mass my parents and I went grocery shopping (you older readers know how much I love grocery shopping) and then I just watched some series, ate yummy food and did more homework. After dinner the whole family watched an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" and now I'm here, just about to go to sleep. Tomorrow another week in hell begins and I'm not exactly excited about that. But what can you do, but "Enjoy the rollercoaster that is life" (thank you Zayn Malik for those encouraging words).
Have a nice week everyone!
Last day at work-cake
A box of chocolate from my boss at the last day of work (How sweet?)
A chocolate latte and pecan pie at Wayne's with Agnes
Delicious breakfast at Agnes' place
A chocolate croissant and coffe on my way home
Yummy American pancakes with syrup a la Ruta

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere

OMG I'm incredibly excited about this movie!!! I can't wait for it's Swedish premiere on November 20th! I'm going with my sister and it's going to be magical! It's particularly special for me, because I was the one to introduce the books both to my little sister and most of my friends, since I read quite a lot and like to influence others when it comes to books.
Yesterday it was the world premiere for the movie, and here are some pics from the event.
Are you seeing the movie? Where and when?
Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark)
Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen)
Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne)
Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket)
Jena Malone (Johanna Mason)
Ellie Goulding
Tom Parker
Natalie Dormer

Quote of the day




Moday's a bitch... Or so I usually think. But not today, today was different. Better, somehow. Maybe because I was so excited for work, I didn't even notice it's Monday. However, this day went buy really fast, even though I got quite a lot done.
So today was the first day of my internship at Pressbyrån. I was immediatly assigned to watch and learn how the whole system worked; how the cashier worked, how to sell SL-cards and lottery tickets, and bake. It was quite difficult in the beginning, but I'm quite a quick learner, so I roughly understood it all and was placed to be in charger of my own cash machine. All I can say is that it looks a lot easier than it actually is. In the beginning I was super stressed, because the line was getting longer and I wasn't fast enough. I made quite some mistakes, but hopefully no one left the shop with almost a heart attack! As time went buy, it got a lot easier and I got quicker. At the end of the day, it felt really weird thinking that this was only my first day. If I learned this much during just one day, imagine how well I'll know how everything works at the end of this week!
So yeah, this day was a very nice day and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!
Have a great rest of the week!
Looking incredibly hot taking a selfie in the bathroom with my uniform on ;)

Trip to Uppsala

I thought I'd share some pics from when my family and I went to Uppsala on autumn-break. It's a very beautiful and cosy student-town, with little shops and cafes, churches and castles, and also those little details that make things special. Unfortenately we didn't have time to see as much of the town as we'd wanted, but it was really nice to go on a trip like this. Not something you usually do, but a great way of spending more time with your family!
Here are the pictures!

Cosy Saturday

Hello everyone who's reading my not so very much visited blog...
Hahaha! But seriously, sometimes I even wonder for whom I'm writing. But I guess I'm doing it just for fun, even though it would be even more fun if more people read it. Anyway...
Today was a very nice day, that kind of day when you don't really have any plans and just go with the flow.
I was supposed to go to be this extra in a movie together with my mom today. So we're on our way, it was starting at 10AM, when we get a text that the filming is postponed until 2PM. Both my mom and I were quite unpleased and dissapointed, so we decided to ditch it and go shopping instead. It was so nice going in to different stores, looking for something nice to buy, either for yourself or for Christmas. Unfortunately this didn't last that long, since we both felt tired, so we ended up going for a coffee at Espresso House instead. We found this adorable café near the train station in the city and sat there for a while, drinking hot chocolate, eating muffins and having a really nice talk. Then when I got home my sister had a friend over and she was really nice. We made homemade pizza and of course it was delicious. I ate sooo much, I kind of regret it a bit, hahaha!
Have a nice weekend everyone!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

I feel so bad about this and it feels like I've let you guys down by not posting anything for such a long time. I'm so so so so so sorry about it! From tomorrow there won't be any major test or exams for about a week and I'll have more time for this blog, so have faith!
Well as you all know Christmas is coming faster than you think, and for me that means one thing: it's very soon time for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!
For all of you who know me personally you know that it's that one thing that I'm looking forward to the most the whole year. There's just something about the atmosphere, the lingerie and the gorgeous models that make me all excited!
Look through these pics below to get more info.
Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldrigde promoting the line
Yesterday the 10 million dollar-bra was revealed and if you ask me, it's looking absolutely gorgeous! This year, Candice Swanepoel, my favorite model of all times, will have the honor to wear it. It's going to be magical!
Don't miss it!

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