Cooking competition and vegetarian hamburgers

So I wasn't really feeling like doing anything in particular today, which resulted in going grocery shooping with my parents. We went to the big supermarket a car ride away. I don't know what it is about grocery shopping, but I find it to be so much fun! Maybe I'm weird, I don't know hahahah. Anyway, we ended up deciding that we were gonna have vegetarian burgers for dinner. Guess what? They turned out DELICIOUS! Who knew that vegetarian food could be so yummy?
While we were at the supermarket we all got a bit hungry, so we had coffe at this really cute café. I ordered something called "Kärleksmums", which is practically like a chocolate biscuit with some chocolate topping and shredded coconut. Yum yum yum! Near the café there was a cooking competition going on, so we took a look at it.
Also I finally got some of my favourite things to eat: roasted almonds, dried plums and dates and this delicious müsli with coconut, hazel nuts andstrawberries.
Have a nice Saturday night!
Cooking competition
Dried plums, dried dates, roasted almonds and müsli with coconut, hazel nuts and strawberries
Dinner: vegetarian hamburger


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