Visiting family

On Sunday my whole family and I were invited to my uncle Arturas and his wife Violeta. They have quite newly moved to a new house, so I think this was only the second time we were there. Their house is really big and beautiful. There's still a bit of renovating going on, but I guess that comes with the package. However, we had a really nice time there with delicious food and great company.
Here are some photos from then!
Beautiful lights
Loved this fireplace...
... and these candles. So pretty!
Some pics by the warm fireplace with beautiful sissie.
Such a cool candle!

6 gorgeous looks for New Year's Eve

This last minute make-up post is for all you who haven't really fully decided what to go for tonight. These 6 looks are inspired by 6 all time fashionistas, so I bet they know what they're doing.
Get your brushes out, make-up geeks!
Straightened hair, smokey eyes and natural glossy lips. Mila Kunis signature look is a perfect choice for New Year's!
Dark shades on the lips has never been hotter! Take Selena's example and go for a lipstick in dark purple or burgundy. Keep the eye make-up simple, with big lashes and a tiny bit of eyeliner. The hair can be in whatever do you'd like, here in a beautiful messy braid.
Taylor Swift's retro glamour hairstyle works perfectly with the light eye make-up in gold and a bright red lipstick. Perfection!
Get inspired by Amanda Seyfried's "Cat-eye" look. Let the eyeliner define your eyes! If you're a bit on the safer side when it comes to make-up (like me), you can still achieve the same effect, just go a bit easier with the intensity of the colors. This look is dramatic and festive, perfect if you want to put focus on your eyes!
Lea Michele looks gorgeous in dark smokey-eye make-up with metallic hues, wavy hair and bangs. Finish of the look with a nude colored or light pink lipstick. This is the best choice if you're dress is something that you want to be the center of attention, while still looking great.
Katy Perry looks astonishing in this party make-up! A sparkly version of a smokey-eye, with glitter eye-shadow and just a tint of black on the outer parts of the eye. Together with a darker pink/coral lipstick with a bit of gloss, you won't go by unnoticed!

At the movies

Hi guys! I'm once again back at my aunt's, a lot of travelling back and forth going on here.
Today, before getting to my aunt's, Milda, my aunt and I met with her cousin and my second cousin, Vida and Goda. My second cousin is 10 years old and she's incredibly cute! We went to the cinema to watch "Free Birds". It was such a funny and cute movie, I really liked it. After the movie we went to eat at this place called Delano, where they serve different traditional Lithuanian dishes, Basically, the movie was about how two turkeys went back in time to erase the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Check out the trailer below!
Then we went to my aunt's place and here I am, just about to go to sleep. I will tell you more about yesterday tomorrow.
Sleep tight!
Milda, Goda and I

Celebrities that broke up during 2013


Love is painful, at least if you ask these celebrity couples that ended their love during 2013. These lovebirds left their nests apart, starting new relationships, writing songs about the bad breakups or just continued on like normal people. However, their time together is over.
Which breakups are you happy about and which ones would you like to still see together?
Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder
The fellow co-stars of the hit series "The Vampire Diaries" broke up in May this year, after three years as a couple. They are still working together and say they're friends.
Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner
This couple separated officially in October this year. "We're living separately and we're much happier like this", they said in a joint interview. They were married for 22 years.
Jason Trawick and Britney Spears
After more than 3 years together, Britney and her fiancé went different ways.
Malin Åkerman and Roberto Zincone
This couple have up their marriage a few months after their first child was born, after six years of marriage.
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom
Probably the most beautiful couple in Hollywood went their separate ways this year, after 3 years of marriage. They have one child together, Flynn, born in 2011.
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler
In July, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler ended their relationship. The reason must have been that Keibler wanted to have children and get married, while Clooney wanted the opposite.
Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian
Khloe filed for divorce from her husband Lamar since 4 years, on December 13th. One of the reasons was that he had been unfaithful and that he has a drug problem.
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift
Harry and Taylor broke up early this year, after 3 months together. It is rumored that she wrote "I Knew You Were Troble" about him, but other sources say the song was about John Mayer.
MIchael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
This couple confirmed that they have taken a break from eachother in August, after 13 years of marriage.
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
In September Miley and her fiancé broke off their engagement.

2013 in pictures

Here's my 2013 in pictures, all from Instagram. You can follow me at @rutamozuraityte .
This picture of me is taken at Annelie's party, great photographer!
In May it was finally time for the One Direction concert in Stockholm...
... and for Queen B to take the stage.
The whole family went to watch quite some hockey games. Here with my sister...
... and my dad.
Went to a little trip with church to Falun, where we visited some tourist attractions. Here in a copper mine.
Of course there were quite some parties. Left to right: Patricia, Jennifer and I.
Summer started with a job at a kindergarten (tired face above).
I also got bangs, after the summer job ended. Here I am with Anna, my bestie.
Then it was off to Lithuania and Bulgaria, and with that new adventures!
We visited beautiful places...
... and had amazing experiences.
Tired girl on the beach. It was also around that time I decided to grow out my bangs.
After that it was back to Sweden again!
It was time for the Europian Basketball Championship, where I of course cheered for Lithuania.
School was back, and with that the soccer season!
1st of October it was my birthday, I got these beautiful flowers.
Not long after that it was the Cinnamon Bun Day, celebrated by baking a LOT of cinnamon buns. This was the entire family's both dinner and breakfast!
Thanksgiving became a new tradition in our family.
Merry Christmas!
This year has been very interesting, with many lauhgs, new experiences, tears and happiness. I hope that next year will give at least as much as this one, and be even bigger and better.
2014, here we come!


Yet another day has begun, an especially fun and exciting day if your name is Ruta!
Today, at around 4 PM, my family, my aunt and I are going to a ballet. We're going to see Moscow City Ballet perform "The Nutcracker". Last year, we saw them perform "Swan Lake", which is one of my favourite plays, aswell as the one we're going to see today. So I'm really looking forward to it!
Today began with a morning walk with Seira and after that my aunt introduced my sister and I to a tv-show that she's watching. In Lithuanian it's called "The Magnificent Century". It's kind of like "Game of Thrones", but in Turkey. It's actually really interesting and my aunt thinks that I look like one of the actresses, and that's always fun.
Mom and dad will come home soon too, they were at an office party last night in an another town, that's why my sister and I stayed with my aunt. It was really nice actually, we watched "Hunger Games" and "A Few Best Men". The main character in the second movie is so handsome, I'm melting away...
Anyway, have a good day everyone!
Great start to the day
Seira saying good morning

Winter lovin'




Be Careful


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I'm soon heading to grandma and granpa again, this time my uncle and his wife will be there too. We will have a nice and big Christmas dinner, exchange gifts and spend some time together. It will be very nice!
Yesterday we celebrated Christmas Eve with my aunt. We had a nice traditional Lthuanian dinner, with diferrent kinds of herring, salads, cookies, nuts, and of course poppy milk with kuciukai. Yummy!
After dinner we received our gifts! It was so nice to spend this holiday with my aunt, though we usually spend it with my grandparents. Really fun!
Hope you guys had a great evening!
Out little Christmas "tree".
Red lips due to the ocassion
Christmas dinner!
Poppy seed milk with kuciukai.

Rachel Zoe has become a mom...

...again! 42-year-old Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman welcomed their second child on Sunday, December 22nd, as she wrote on Twitter.

"So excited to welcome our baby boy into the world.... he's 3520 g, beautiful, healthy and we couldn't be happier", she writes. The full name of the lastest addition to the family is... Kaius "Kai" Jagger Berman. The couple already has the son Skyler, almost 2 years old, together.

The Best Christmas Carols

When celebrating Christmas, it's necessary to have some good music playing in the background, taking the atmoshpere to whole new levels. That's I've listed my favourite carols to make the season even more magical!
When it comes to Christmas carols, it's all old school for me. You won't find any new remixes in my playlist! Traditional songs, sung by old legends like Marilyn Monroe and Bing Crosby, or newly recorded by Michael Bublé (he's still able to keep that old sound in his songs).
Hope you liked them!

Soon it's Christmas!

Hi everyone! I'm back, at least for a couple of days.

On Friday, we didn't do anything special, just stayed at home watching TV. Mom and sissie went to the hairdresser, and so did our cutiepie Seira. It's incredible how soft her fur gets after a trip to the pet salon! Also we went to this asian restaurant called "Mao", they serve some really delicius food there. One course that we chose was beef with mushrooms and bambu, and the other one was curry chicken. They were both delicious and we left the restaurant with pleased minds (and bellys).
After that me and Milda did some super quick shopping. I bought this beautiful lace peplum blouse in a teal color that I'm really happy about!
We ended the day with watching "Home Alone 3" all together, it was super cosy!

Don't be afraid of something new

Last nights troubles

Yesterday it was once again time to pack for our Christmas trip to Lithuania. As always when I travel somewhere, I have the hardest time deciding what clothes to take with me! I lay everything out on my bed and then I kind of sort out what to pack and what to leave behind. But since I'm, at least in my opinion, pretty good at packing by now, I don't have such a hard time as others may have. 
Also, I had to write my film analysis on "Tristan and Isolde". Now that's a whole different story. I usually don't find it so complicated to write essays, but this time was somehow different. It started on Wednesday, when I started writing it. I sat at school for more than an hour,  and only came up with a few sentences. Yesterday it was really difficult to get started as well, but I finished it and sent it in before 11PM. To be honest, I don't know if I could've done it any better, even if I had a day extra. All I can do now is hope that it's enough. 
Anyway, now I'm on my way to Vilnius. I probably won't have internet until Monday, so a bigger update will come then. But I will still be posting some interesting things, so keep your eye on this blog!
All of these beautys are coming with!

Jennifer Lawrence at Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters listed her most interesting people-list not so long ago, and of course Jennifer Lawrence was in it.
Jennifer's career spiked after the first HUnger Games-movie, since then we've seen her in The Silverlining's Playbook and we have quite some movies to look forward to during 2014.
But even though her amazing personality and gorgeous looks, she's received a lot of critic. Mainly it's different people and magazines calling her "fat" or "overweight". During this interview Jennifer speaks up for herself, claiming it "should be illegal to call someone fat".
Take a look for yourself at the interview below.

How to look chic at the airport

Holiday time = Travelling time, for the most of us at least! So how do you pull off that model-of-duty-airport-look? Here are some super easy tricks that will help you look the best during your travelling time!
Cosy it up like Emma Stone with a nice and warm scarf. Keep your outfit simple and either go for a brighter and more colorful scarf, or a more natural one like Emma above.
Go pastel like Jessica Hart! Pastel colors are a big must this winter season, so why not bring some of that brightness with you? Mix different shades of white, beige, pink and brown to achieve the biggest impression.
Add some fur to your outfit as elegantly as Kate Beckinsale. This fur coat is perfect for cold winter days! Together with a pair of skinny black jeans or leather pants, a white top and some black heels, it's impossible to fail this classy look.
Comfortable doesn't have to be sloppy! Just look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the pro of the pro's when it comes to airport fashion. As one of the busiest models on the market (and most gorgeous), it's as important to feel comfortable as to look presentable at all times. By mixing your favourite sweater with a classy coat and a handbag in a dark color you can look as stylish as Rosie.
Brighten things up! Wear your favourite light blue jeans with a darker top, and you will definately catch people's eyes. There's only one rule: keep it simple! Let the focus be on the jeans. Go for a simple black blouse and black flats or boots. If you want to add something special, choose a bolder color for your lips or add a bag in an interesting material, a dark grey suede bag in Miranda's case.
Photo source 1 & 2

Staying at home

Yep, it has happened again!
Sickness stroke me at around 2AM this morning, this time in form of an INCREDIBLE stomach ache, like nothing I've ever felt in my life. I laid there for probably an hour and the pain didn't go away. Because of it I couldn't move either, so I was unable to get some Ipren or something. Ugh, it was horrible. On top of that I had a headache and felt extremely nauseous.
I can still feel it a bit at the bottom of my stomach, but I seriously have to get out of bed now and start my day, with baby steps of course. I hope this isn't the famous winter flu, can't affford it to be. I have to finish my movie analysis and pack for tomorrow.

Ugh, just please go away, you stupid feeling!

Dresses for the holidays

Both Christmas and New Year's eve are coming up and everyone's looking for the right dress. There are literally thousands of dresses on the market, so how are you supposed to find the right one for your occassion? Therefore I've made a little list of a dress for every occassion you might have ahead of you, with dresses from're all beautiful and budget friendly dresses, perfect for those whoms economy might not be on top after all Christmas shopping!
Clink on the link above for special offers only available for my readers or click the links below to come directly to each dress.
Look your best this season!
College by me
Black Tie: Ax Paris One Shoulder Split Maxi Dress 399 SEK
New Year: Oneness Sofie Dress 299 SEK
Christmas: Dark Pink Fancy Lace Dress 399 SEK
Cocktail Party: Felise Bandeau Frills Dress Elise Ryan 499 SEK
Romantic Dinner: Wp Ella S/L Dress Vero Moda 359 SEK
Office Party: Arizona Dress NLY Trend 399 SEK


Yesterday's outfit was the new sweatshirt I got from H&M, apair of darl blue jeans and this gorgeous necklace from BIKBOK I bought last week.

Movies to look forward to in 2014

I'm a real movie girl! I love all sorts of movies, comedys, action movies, thrillers, you name it! I just love to go to the cinema, the atmosphere, the feeling, the movies, all of it. Therefore I thought I'd make a list of movies I look forward to seeing in 2014.
Here we go!
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (January 3rd)
 Frozen (January 31st)
 Endless Love (February 14th)
American Hustle (February 14th)
The Book Thief (February 28th)
Divergent (March 21st)
 Non-Stop (April 11th)
X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23rd)
All of the dates above are premiere dates in Sweden, through SF Bio.

Cranberry Bundt Cake

Christmas is coming and for all you housewives out there, or just anyone who likes to bake, this is a great recipe to try out before the big holidays. It's a simple, yet delicious, cake with cranberries as the main flavor setter.
I will definately be trying this yummy creation out this winter!

Chanel Paris/Dallas 2013/14

In case you missed Chanel's show that was around a week ago, no worries! You can all see it here.
The show took place in an amazing setting. The theme for the whole show was "Dallas" inspired, with cowboy and western inspired garnments and looks, that were still elegant.
Even though Chanel's shows can be a bit overwhelming for my taste, I think this one has to be one of the more "calm" ones. I found myself actually really liking most of the fabrics and could see myself wearing some of their clothes. It's a bit out of my price-range though, hahah...
You should really take your time to watch the entire show, it's definately something out of the ordinary!

Boring day

First update at 1PM, "well done, Ruta!"
Today is such a boring day at school. Firstly we had not one, but two math exams. They're now both done and I'm not really sure how it went, to be honest. It was a C exam, which basically means that the hoghest grade you can get is C, but that didn't mean that it was easy, no no.
It was actually quite diffcult, but at least I answered all the questions, what's important now is that they're right!
What's left of the day now is Science class where we're supposed to start a project about energy (really smart there with only 3 days left of the term). It's nothing major, but it still affects your grade. It actually feels really unnecessary, but what can you do?
The only positive thing about today was supposed to be the meetup with Agnes, Bea and Anna that we were going to have after school, going for a coffee and exchanging presents. But now that Agnes is sick, it probably won't happen. I hope she gets well soon! So now I'll probably have to do homework instead of meeting up with friends, sigh...
Hope you guys have a better day than me!
Beautiful rose from yesterday

Atlantic-Pacific Street Style

This gorgeous blogger has an amazing taste in fashion. She's one of my favorite fashion bloggers and this outfit is definately not dissapointing! Her blog goes under the name Atlantic-Pacific and I definately think you should check it out if you haven't already. She's definately one of my style icons!
Picture of her and set by me
Coat BIKBOK 349,50 SEK
Cardigan H&M 199 SEK
Top H&M 49,50 SEK
Jeans Crocker/JC 399 SEK
Quilted bag TOPSHOP 405 SEK
Knitted scarf BIKBOK 199 SEK
Sunglasses TOPSHOP 170 SEK
Loafers TOPSHOP 420 SEK
Lipstick Make Up Store/ 170 SEK
Nail polish Essie/ 129 SEK

Santa Claus is coming to town

Yesterday my family celebrated mini-Christmas. Since we're not home during almost whole Christmas break, we're not celebrating it with just our family. You could say that we celebrate Christmas 3 times, every time with different parts of the family. Therefore we've had this tradition since a couple of years ago.
Around a week before we leave for Lithuania we celebrate our own little Christmas. There are some "rules" about the presents. A person has to buy one gift for each member of our family, and the gifts aren't supposed to be big and pricy, just something small and cute that you can appreciate.
But before exchanging gifts we decorate the Christmas tree together while listening to Christmas carols. Pie is also on the menu, this year it was rabarber pie. Yummy!
Super nice family-thing, loved every part of it! It's so nice we've got this tradition of ours!

Lindsay Lohan writing a book?

Good morning sunshines!
Or, cloudy skies, if you should go by today's weather. Monday mornings are always the same, boring, grey and NEVER fun. Mondays for me start with Bussines Economics, a class where you have to use your brain, which doens't work that well when you're barely staying awake.
Lindasy Lohan is apparently going to write a book? Is it only me or does this really sound like just an another rumor? I don't really know what to think about it, if it's really true it will be really interesting to read it.
According to Jezebel the book is about rehab, being famous, and having Michael Lohan for a father. Even though the book is still in it's conceptual stage, as a result of a series therapeutic journal exercises, it has made several publishers interested in the idea. There are even speculation about six-figure advances!

Gift ideas from Zara Home and H&M

Christmas is closing in being about a week away. This is often the time when people realize that they haven't bought all the presents and the panic is rising. All the stores are packed with people, there are hundreds on the streets and chaos is a fact.
But no worries!
Here below are some great ideas for those of you who don't have the energy to fight with three other persons over a pair of socks. Simply click the links and you'll come directly to the product.

It's in times like these we can be gratefull for shopping over the internet, it definately makes Christmas shopping a lot easier!
College by me
All the products are from Zara Home and H&M
Frame 219 SEK
Daisy Scented Bag 99 SEK
2014 Diary 279 SEK
Air Freshners Pure Gardenia 279 SEK
Scented Candles Black Vanilla 259 SEK
Vase 359 SEK
Sleeping mask 59 SEK
Ceramic pot 99 SEK
Ornament box 359 SEK

Remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre

I remember when this happened about a year ago, on December 14th 2012. I was at home alone, waiting for the rest of the family to come home after some kind of event, when I read about this. It was so sad, I remeber watchign videos and live broadcasting, feeling horrible and crying rivers while seeing the poor parents waiting around the school. It was such a horrendous incident, a still get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.
So let's all take a moment to think about these poor children and adults that were the victims, and mention them in our prayers today.
May they rest in peace.
On the picture below you can see a makeshift memorial with crosses for the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre outside a home in Newtown, Connecticut.

Olivia Palermo Street Style

This gorgeous fashionista and style icon strikes again - this time with an amazing fall/winter outfit! Leather, fur and a pop of color is all it takes for miss Olivia to hit the first place in any magazines best dressed-lists. And of course I love it aswell, even though it might be a bit too cold right now here in Sweden.
But if you live in a bit warmer place I suggest you cosy up your leather jacket with a fur vest and hit the streets, you'll definately be recognized for your unmissable sense of style!
Sweater - TOPSHOP 280 SEK
Fur vest - H&M 430 SEK
Leather jacket - Crocker/JC 699 SEK
Pants - H&M 160 SEK
Sneakers - Eurosko 399 SEK
Bag - H&M 399 SEK

Seriously "Flare Magazine"?

Now I know there's been much talk about photoshopping photos of celebrities and all of that, especially recently after Ashley Benson's criticism over the new PLL campaign. We've all been told from early years that we're perfect just the way we are. Then there's media, constantly banking down on both boys and girls, how they should look, behave and dress.
This example with Jennifer Lawrence is just one of many situations when natural beauty isn't enough for those midless people called editors. Since when do people actually look like that, seriously? And moving her bones around, are you freakin' kidding me? This is what the industry does, they take beautiful and gorgeous people like Jennifer or the cast of PLL and turn them into unnatural aliens. No wonder society has so many girls suffering from eating disorders or having low self esteem.
Shame on you!
Source 1 & 2

Before I die

Below are just some things on my never ending bucket list. I really hope I'll see these and the rest of them come true some day. If they do I will truly have lived the best life possible. But some of them are quite unrealistic... Yeah yeah, we can all have dreams, right?

Lazy Saturdays

I just woke up after a great nigth at the Eugenia church, being with friends, baking and having a lot of fun!
I won't be telling you much about it now, since I'm planning on doing another post once I get the photos from Agnes, but I can say that I enjoyed it a lot.
The plan for today is gym, homework, maybe some movies... I don't really know, we'll see about that. However, it's going to be a really nice and calm day, no big plans for today. But you know what that means... Extra fun updates here! So keep an eye on the blog and you might be nicely surprised!
Now I think I'm just going to make some breakfast and start off the morning with some "Hannibal" (finally there's a new episode that you can watch here).

Happy Lucia!


Goodmorning my lovely readers! Happy Lucia everyone and happy Friday 13th!
I actually celebrated it a bit sneaky yesterday, since my sweet sister had made some delicious lussebullar (saffron buns). It was really nice to have some warm coffee after a cold day, watch the latest episode of Paradise Hotel and enjoy a lussebulle.
This mornign was a bit chaotic. I woke up about 15 minutes later than usual, since I was planning on taking a later bus. So I make breakfast and sit down in front of the morning news, just to find out that there was some kind of a problem with the subway system, so all the trains on the green line, which is the one I HAVE to take, were cancelled. So I took aride with my parents and were at school about two hours before first class. Since I was so early I decided to get something delicious at Espresso House. I went for a Winter Frapino, which of course was as delicious as it sounds!
After school I'm gonna meet up with Agnes to go Christmas shopping and of course, for a coffee. Then we're gonna head to Eugenia church for some cosy Christmas baking. I'm really looking forward to this Christmasy afternoon, it's gonna be so much fun!
Hope you guys have a great Friday!

Jessica Hart - Street Style

I love this simple, casual and a bit preppy street style a la Jessica Hart. Since I consider my personal style quite similar, this is exactly in my taste. The classic trench coat, cosy white sweater, patterned shirt and a pair of skinny jeans can never go wrong. For a bit of a warmer outfit, change the flats to a pair of heels, as the ones found here.
Coat, shirt, sweater and flats - H&M

New in

Mom came home with this package just a few days ago, I was so excited to finally have it delivered! It  contained some basic pieces to a warm and cosy winter wardrobe, that is especially necessary if you live in such a cold place as Sweden.
These last few days I've just had this incredible shopping urge, but even though I've gone out searching for something to soothe my hunger with, I haven't found anything in my taste. It's so frustrating to finally have some money and time to spend on these kinds of things, and not be able to do it!
Either way, these two pieces are easy to combinate into any kind of outit, can't wait to get to wear them!
You can find the sweatshirt here and the scarf here


I just thought I'd tip everyone who might have a bit of a hard time finding presents!
These two products are great for anyone, your sister, mother or best friend. I for sure would be very happy if I got either one of them. They are both from Lindex and if you click the links you'll come directly to the product.
Lindex Shop Online - Beauticology presentförpackning
1. Beauticology gift box Lindex 99 SEK
The gift box contains four shower gels (100 ml each) and a body lotion with fragrance of strawberry, milk chocolate and white chocolate.
Lindex Shop Online - Baylis Harding presentförpackning
2. Baylis Harding gift box Lindex 99 SEK
The gift box contains shimmering bath and shower gel (300 ml) and moisturizing body lotion (200 ml) with the scent of black orchid.

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas


Christmas Wishlist

The air is cold, the snow is sparkling on the ground and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. To me that means that it's about time to make my wishlist. Warm cosy sweaters, cool details and christmasy feelings, that pretty much sums up what I'd like to get this Christmas.
This is my wishlist for this year!
1. iPhone 4 Snake skin case TOPSHOP 105 SEK
2. The Dreamer Flannel Pajama Victoria's Secret 260 SEK
3. Knitted jumper with owl motive H&M 160 SEK
4. Fluffy jacket H&M 349 SEK
5. Cashmere jumper H&M 599 SEK
6. Aztec Print Fleece Robe TOPSHOP 340 SEK
7. Bubble Stitch Snood TOPSHOP 190 SEK
8. Sweatshirt H&M 349 SEK
9. Slippers H&M 140 SEK
10. See by Chloé Hannah Wallet 1 649 SEK
(If you click the link you will come directly to the product

Eating disorders taking over society


I’ve thought about writing about eating disorders for quite some time now, because it’s something that’s getting more and more common in our society, both amongst girls and boys. It’s so sad that people go to these extremes and I wish I could help them. I’m not saying anything bad about them, I don’t really think that I have the right to judge or comment people on this aspect, since I’m not perfect myself. But what I can do is inform and hopefully give some inspiration to those who are suffering from all kinds of eating disorders, by giving these examples of celebrities that have made their way from having these problems to being (somewhat) healthy today.



Jessica Alba is today known for her healthy lifestyle, but in 1999 she suffered from anorexia when she was preparing for her role in the movie “Into the Dark”. “Many girls have eating disorders, I had it too. When I went from having a girl’s body to a woman’s body, with fat in natural places, I panicked”, she said. Alba says she hopes that no girl treats her body the way she did.




Lindsay Lohan may not be one of the healthiest celebrities today, but at least she’s no longer bulimic. “I was sick, and I was scared too”, she said about her darkest days in 2006. “I had people sit me down and say, “You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself”.




Ashlee Simpson suffered from anorexia at a very young age. When practicing ballet at the age of 11, the pressure to be slim was so big it drove her into having an eating disorder. Ashlee says she’s overcome them today, but she’s afraid that other children will make the same mistakes.

Demi Lovato has battled binge eating and bulimia in her younger years. “My eating disorder will continue to affect me for the rest of my life”, she said to Seventeen Magazine, and wishes she had never been afflicted by it in the beginning.




Victoria Beckham has admitted she suffered from an eating disorder during her early Spice Girls years. “I struggled with the pressure to be thin”, she wrote in her autobiography, and says that she’s thankful for the help she’s received that made her conquer the disorder.   




Kelly Clarkson got criticized for her curves during her time in American Idol. She later confessed that she suffered from an eating disorder in high school, when missing out on a musical role. “I thought… If I came back and I was cuter and thinner… then I’ll get the role”, she said. Today she’s all free from her bad thoughts about her weight.



Gorgeous Candice Swanepoel on "Extra"

My all time favorite model Candice Swanepoel was seen yesterday filming for "Extra". Wearing a gorgeous deep dark red lace dress and matching lipstick, she looked beyond gorgeous! These photos make me even more excited about watching the Victoria's Scret Fashion Show 2013 with my friends this weekend. It's going to be magical!
Look at those legs! O la la!

Reading tip

I've just finished reading two books that I've enjoyed very much, therefore I felt like I wanted to inform everyone about them!
The first one is "Egoboost! : Blondinbellas överlevnadsguide för unga tjejer" by Isabella Löwengrip.
For those of you who don't know, Isabella, or "Blondinbella" as she's more commonly know, is one of the biggest bloggers in Sweden. This book is kind of a guide or handbook how to be more confident about yourself, achieve your goals and tackle different problems. Personally, I really liked this book. I could recognize myself in many of the situations she brought up in the book and I got some really helpfull tips. If you live in Sweden, you probably know who she is, and I don't know what your opinion is about her, but whatever it might be I really think that you should give this book a chance. You might find yourself actually enjoying it, maybe even as much as I did!
These two books are also great Christmas presents for you daughter, sister, friend, or maybe yourself!
You can find this book for a really good price at Adlibris, Bokus and CDON. Just click the links and you'll get to the page.
Here is also a link to her blog!
The other book that I've just finished reading is "True Whit" by Whitney Port.
This is also kind of a handbook for girls, focusing on Whitney's life and experiences. She gives advice, make-up tips, delicious recipes and some behind the scenes-details. Overall a really interesting book, with lots of great topics and fun facts and stories. Great book and I definately think you should give it a go. Especially if you were crazy about "The Hills" and "The City", like I was!
You can find the book at Adlibris, Bokus and CDON.

British Fashion Awards 2013

3rd December it was once again for the annual Bristish Fashion Awards. Many British celebrities were there, as you can see from the pictures belox, and of course fashion was on the menu. My personal favourites are the dresses worn by Alexa Chung, Clemence Poesy, Lily Donaldson and Suki Waterhouse. They were all so lovely, beautiful and just gorgeous!
Which were your favorites?

Alexa Chung
Clemence Poesy
Harry Styles
Jamie Campbell Bower
Lily Donaldson
Marc Jacobs
Poppy Delevingne
Donatella Versace
Rita Ora and Kate Moss
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Sienna Miller
Suki Waterhouse

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

There are Christmas feels all over the place right now. Beautiful lights sparkling in the windows, carols being played on the radio, the annual Christmas calender for children is on TV, and today, for the first time, snow!
The only thing missing righ now are ginger bread bisquits and saffron buns, which I will bake sometime soon.
Also today I finally received Midnight Memories! I've waited for it for sooo long and now I finally can listen to their new songs! You see, I had made a deal with myself that I wouldn't listen to any of the new songs until I got the album, and of course it had to be late! But now I'm gonna listen to it until I know all the lyrics to all the songs hahaha!
Have a great rest of the week you guys!
Beautiful snow!

Happy Birthday Dad!

A very very big happy birthday to my incredibly beloved dad, you're the best!
Love you so so so much!

First Sunday of Advent

Can you believe it that it's already winter? To me it feels like it was my birthday not too long ago, but that was like two months from now! Time is relly passing by fast and I hope that I won't even have time to blink before it's already Christmas holidays and I'm on my way to Lithuania.
This weekend has been so much fun! Agnes and I had a sleepover at my place from Friday to Saturday. We met up at Farsta for some coffee and I finally got to try their delicious ginger bread-cupcake. I also had a mocha latte and Agnes had an elf-latte (their little specialty due to the Christmas spirit) and a coconut-ball (or whatever it's called in English). After that we went snacks-shopping and watched VS Fashon Show of the years 2010 and 2012. We also watched "The Vow". I had already seen it, but it's such a beautiful story, I didn't mind watching it again.
Then on Saturday we went to this audition for a short movie about soccer, went for another coffee and then we headed home to our places. I tried to get some homework done, but that didn't go too well.
Today we went to church as usual and after that we went to an another Lithuanian movie premiere, this time of a movie called "Moterys Meluoja Geriau. Kristina", which basically translates to "Women Lie Better. Kristina". It's kind of a sequel to a tv-show with the same name that is really popular in Lithuania (the "Kristina" part only shows that it's from her point of view). Anyway, it was really nice, but during the movie I started to feel sick and now I've had a headache for about six hours. I really hope it passes soon, I have a Spanish exam tomorrow so I really need a good nights sleep.
Hope you all have a great week!
Mocha latte and ginger bread-cupcake
Latte with hazelnut flavor and a quote that pretty much should be mine and Agnes' motto
Time to open up the chocolate calender. Love mine, it's so adorable!

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