I just thought I'd tip everyone who might have a bit of a hard time finding presents!
These two products are great for anyone, your sister, mother or best friend. I for sure would be very happy if I got either one of them. They are both from Lindex and if you click the links you'll come directly to the product.
Lindex Shop Online - Beauticology presentförpackning
1. Beauticology gift box Lindex 99 SEK
The gift box contains four shower gels (100 ml each) and a body lotion with fragrance of strawberry, milk chocolate and white chocolate.
Lindex Shop Online - Baylis Harding presentförpackning
2. Baylis Harding gift box Lindex 99 SEK
The gift box contains shimmering bath and shower gel (300 ml) and moisturizing body lotion (200 ml) with the scent of black orchid.


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