How to look chic at the airport

Holiday time = Travelling time, for the most of us at least! So how do you pull off that model-of-duty-airport-look? Here are some super easy tricks that will help you look the best during your travelling time!
Cosy it up like Emma Stone with a nice and warm scarf. Keep your outfit simple and either go for a brighter and more colorful scarf, or a more natural one like Emma above.
Go pastel like Jessica Hart! Pastel colors are a big must this winter season, so why not bring some of that brightness with you? Mix different shades of white, beige, pink and brown to achieve the biggest impression.
Add some fur to your outfit as elegantly as Kate Beckinsale. This fur coat is perfect for cold winter days! Together with a pair of skinny black jeans or leather pants, a white top and some black heels, it's impossible to fail this classy look.
Comfortable doesn't have to be sloppy! Just look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the pro of the pro's when it comes to airport fashion. As one of the busiest models on the market (and most gorgeous), it's as important to feel comfortable as to look presentable at all times. By mixing your favourite sweater with a classy coat and a handbag in a dark color you can look as stylish as Rosie.
Brighten things up! Wear your favourite light blue jeans with a darker top, and you will definately catch people's eyes. There's only one rule: keep it simple! Let the focus be on the jeans. Go for a simple black blouse and black flats or boots. If you want to add something special, choose a bolder color for your lips or add a bag in an interesting material, a dark grey suede bag in Miranda's case.
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