Yet another day has begun, an especially fun and exciting day if your name is Ruta!
Today, at around 4 PM, my family, my aunt and I are going to a ballet. We're going to see Moscow City Ballet perform "The Nutcracker". Last year, we saw them perform "Swan Lake", which is one of my favourite plays, aswell as the one we're going to see today. So I'm really looking forward to it!
Today began with a morning walk with Seira and after that my aunt introduced my sister and I to a tv-show that she's watching. In Lithuanian it's called "The Magnificent Century". It's kind of like "Game of Thrones", but in Turkey. It's actually really interesting and my aunt thinks that I look like one of the actresses, and that's always fun.
Mom and dad will come home soon too, they were at an office party last night in an another town, that's why my sister and I stayed with my aunt. It was really nice actually, we watched "Hunger Games" and "A Few Best Men". The main character in the second movie is so handsome, I'm melting away...
Anyway, have a good day everyone!
Great start to the day
Seira saying good morning


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