Boring day

First update at 1PM, "well done, Ruta!"
Today is such a boring day at school. Firstly we had not one, but two math exams. They're now both done and I'm not really sure how it went, to be honest. It was a C exam, which basically means that the hoghest grade you can get is C, but that didn't mean that it was easy, no no.
It was actually quite diffcult, but at least I answered all the questions, what's important now is that they're right!
What's left of the day now is Science class where we're supposed to start a project about energy (really smart there with only 3 days left of the term). It's nothing major, but it still affects your grade. It actually feels really unnecessary, but what can you do?
The only positive thing about today was supposed to be the meetup with Agnes, Bea and Anna that we were going to have after school, going for a coffee and exchanging presents. But now that Agnes is sick, it probably won't happen. I hope she gets well soon! So now I'll probably have to do homework instead of meeting up with friends, sigh...
Hope you guys have a better day than me!
Beautiful rose from yesterday


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