Soon it's Christmas!

Hi everyone! I'm back, at least for a couple of days.

On Friday, we didn't do anything special, just stayed at home watching TV. Mom and sissie went to the hairdresser, and so did our cutiepie Seira. It's incredible how soft her fur gets after a trip to the pet salon! Also we went to this asian restaurant called "Mao", they serve some really delicius food there. One course that we chose was beef with mushrooms and bambu, and the other one was curry chicken. They were both delicious and we left the restaurant with pleased minds (and bellys).
After that me and Milda did some super quick shopping. I bought this beautiful lace peplum blouse in a teal color that I'm really happy about!
We ended the day with watching "Home Alone 3" all together, it was super cosy!


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