Christmas Wishlist

The air is cold, the snow is sparkling on the ground and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. To me that means that it's about time to make my wishlist. Warm cosy sweaters, cool details and christmasy feelings, that pretty much sums up what I'd like to get this Christmas.
This is my wishlist for this year!
1. iPhone 4 Snake skin case TOPSHOP 105 SEK
2. The Dreamer Flannel Pajama Victoria's Secret 260 SEK
3. Knitted jumper with owl motive H&M 160 SEK
4. Fluffy jacket H&M 349 SEK
5. Cashmere jumper H&M 599 SEK
6. Aztec Print Fleece Robe TOPSHOP 340 SEK
7. Bubble Stitch Snood TOPSHOP 190 SEK
8. Sweatshirt H&M 349 SEK
9. Slippers H&M 140 SEK
10. See by Chloé Hannah Wallet 1 649 SEK
(If you click the link you will come directly to the product


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